Wanna know a secret? We can see the future.

Not because we’re fortune tellers or anything. It’s just that sometimes we get to work with crazy-awesome companies who are literally designing the technology of the future.

Like electronics and technology giant Panasonic. They’re always working on the newest and best, so when they asked us to tell an incredible story about their new LinkRay technology…

We couldn’t resist.

LinkRay uses LED lighting to transmit signals directly to your smartphone, allowing you to access incredible unique content. It’s an incredible opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers – plus, it’s just plain awesome.

This – is how we experience the world.

As the line between real and digital continues to blur, consumers expect you to offer more information than meets the eye.

And — they want it at the speed of light.

Presenting LinkRay from Panasonic – a visionary new technology that transforms visible light into a captivating experience, unlike anything your consumers have seen before.

Armed with just their smartphones, museum-goers discover a new world of possibilities. Lit with our LinkRay technology, a painting… isn’t just a painting. It’s a portal – to a deeper understanding of the piece, the artist, and the exhibit.

Shoppers – become connoisseurs. They know exactly how to find the hottest sales, which products are must-haves, and where to find a quick bite – even in a crowded mall…

And first-time visitors to your city feel right at home with important travel information and personalized suggestions for an unforgettable local experience – all in their own language…

All… in the blink of an eye.

The technology is simple. But the applications – are limitless.

And in a world with limited opportunity to win customers, limitless is very, very good.

Whether that’s reaching new consumers…

Gaining new insights into customer behavior…

Or shaping a breathtaking user experience…

It’s as easy as turning the light on.


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