Explainer Video Helps Social Influencer Agency Shorten Sales Cycle and Close More Deals

Collective Bias’ state-of-the-art Shopper Social Mediaâ„¢ platform helps brands pinpoint the right influencers by leveraging their proprietary data, technology and targeting capabilities. In 2015 alone, Collective Bias ran 500+ campaigns for brands and retailers generating over 2 billion impressions.

Services like theirs come in at a high price point but they pay huge dividends not just in measurable goals but in brand lift and so much more. They’ve been a great partner for us – not only do we trust them with our brand but with our clients’ as well.

Amy Callahan

Co-Founder of Collective Bias


Collective Bias began at a time when few people (especially businesses and brands) understood social, and they found it difficult to communicate their value quickly and clearly when they first approached us in 2012. This led to hour-long elevator pitches, 100+ page sales decks, and a lot of confusion around their brand – which made it difficult for them to gain traction and sign on new clients.


We worked with Collective Bias to clarify their messaging and positioning, and created a short video that perfectly captures their value proposition – driving immediate interest in their services. Because they were doing something new, in a space that few people really “got”, we knew they needed a way to make people understand what made them great – quickly.



The Collective Bias team swears by our video. We were able to tell their story engagingly and effectively, creating immediate clarity for their potential clients – so their team could spend less time explaining what they do, and more time actually selling.

And now, Collective Bias is one of our longest standing, most valued clients.

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