Your Video Journey

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Your UX is everything. Having an engaging and informative animated explainer video for every step of your customer journey keeps your brand fresh and top of mind. 

Let’s get your story started!

1. Explainer

Example: LRS IT Solutions

Add explainer videos to your Getting Started documents. Not only does this keep you top of mind, it reduces needless support calls.

2. Trial Download 

Example: Compcoin

Once developers get to your website, they’re looking for something that sets you apart from other brands. Enter animated videos!

3. Client Onboarding

Example: PerkinElmer

Get new clients up to speed and take the load off of your technical teams with an onboarding video series.

4. Demo Videos

Example: Roswell Biotechnologies

Put a new spin on tired screen-recorded demos. Animated demo videos are engaging, dynamic, and memorable.

5. New Releases & Major Updates

Example: MGA Systems

A short explainer video included in a product launch or update announcement sets you apart from your competitors.

6. Product & Solutions Descriptions

Example: Secured Communications

An animated video helps users understand, maintain, and retain information in a short amount of time.

Start Building Your Explainer Video Series

Explainify understands your brand because we work with tech organizations throughout the world, from bootstrap startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Ready to improve your UX and set your brand apart from the competition? Let’s get started with your customized tech video series!


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