Powerful Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Website Traffic And Conversions

Powerful Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Website Traffic And Conversions

Have you ever watched a single YouTube video without auto-playing the recommendations list?

If you have, good for you. Most of us probably go through at least a few videos before deciding it’s time to stop.

The inability to go away from the screen is a chance for brands to make use of video marketing. Its power is only growing, and online businesses are implementing this trend into their marketing strategies.

Although there are now many videos out there, certain perform better than the others. It is due to the factors we’ll enlist later on.

The rule of thumb, however, is to shorten the video content as much as possible because people’s attention span got shorter than the focus time of a goldfish. Or maybe our attention spans are just evolving?

Whatever the reason for our below-the-9-second focus is, many businesses now create short videos to engage their customers, build trust and convert them to clients.

More videos are being produced than ever before because it’s the closest to the “real thing”. According to Buffer video marketing statistics, there are over 500 million hours of video content posted to Youtube.

It is a clear indicator that the audience prefers video content. A report by content marketing institute shows that marketers have changed their content usage accordingly.

The report shows a 69% increase in video production across different industries.

Now you know how video marketing strategy is changing, we can look at why businesses are adopting video marketing along with the factors that determine the success of video content.

Shall we?

Why Your Business Should Focus On Video Marketing (Create FOMO)

1) Video Marketing Boosts Sales And ROI

Businesses that use video marketing as their number one strategy tool have a higher ROI from their marketing. Why?

Remember our YouTube reference a while back? If you create high-quality, engaging videos, people start watching them. Moreover, videos make it easy for potential clients to interact with brand products or services through plain old storytelling.

Videos can explain in simple fashion about the services of a brand, convert leads to clients and eventually increase sales and ROI.

According to Marketingcharts report, video marketing shows a 7% increase in ROI compared to other types of content.

Another report shows that 88% of marketers love the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social sites.

Potential clients interact with brands through different marketing channels to build trust, credibility, and gauge if the business can solve their pains. If you’re a business owner, it’s their emotions and problems you’re after and not a possibility for blatant self-promotion.

The exact answer to why online video consumption has seen an enormous upsurge lies in the emotional aspect of it all. Once you get a key to their heart, they’ll fall in love with your brand; the statistics go hand in hand with the latter claim.

According to video marketing statistics, 74% of video viewers who watched it to learn more about a brand product or service decide to buy it.

Nonetheless, the love affair between your clients and your brand needs a little more intrigue. If your goal is to increase lead conversion, it is essential to include a call-to-action on your videos to help viewers take action.

For those lost in the magical world of video marketing strategies, Viewbix is a great tool to help integrate CTA’s to your video creations.

2) Video Marketing Boosts Social Shares

Readers share videos with their network more than any other content. Except for boosting sales and ROI, videos increase social shares and engage readers with your brand.

A report by Small BizTrends shows that videos have a 1200% more social shares compared to texts and images. Through social shares, businesses end up landing new clients, meaning the viewers convert to clients faster.

3) Videos Are Easy To Understand

Potential clients can find it hard to know how your products or services can solve their challenges. So, the most significant advantage of using videos is the capacity of explaining heaps of information in a few seconds.

Explainer videos help your viewers understand your services and boost their trust in your brand. Again, the statistics are here to prove it.

Another report states that 95% of viewers who watch explainer videos understand how the product or service works. Videos have a high retention rate.

HubSpot report, on the other hand, shows that 55% of people who watch videos are attentive. That makes it easy to understand how a brand work.

4) Video Suites Mobile Users

Repeat clients and potential clients interact with your business website through different devices. Once smartphones dominated the gadget market, your regular client started using mobile devices to access the information they want.

As a result, many users will watch videos on their phones. The fact that the screens are getting bigger only encourages their habit. Plus, it is super easy to watch your favorite show on a mobile phone.

Another reason for matching video with mobile is the difficulty of reading blog post content using a smartphone. Therefore, short video ads can stuff more information in, while the clients feel the ads are tailored to their needs when seeing them on a mobile device rather than on a TV.

5) Videos Increase Website Traffic

Apart from increasing the time readers and viewers spend on your website, videos help to increase traffic to your website. In other words, your videos can retain current clients, as well as bring in new ones.

Except for improving the customer retention rate, videos enhance your SEO. When readers spend more time on your site, it signals Google that your website has valuable content.

It leads to higher search engine ranking and draws more organic and direct traffic to your website.

According to a report by Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be linked to video marketing in the near future.

Video Marketing Strategies

Now that you (hopefully) know why you should focus on video content for promotional purposes, let’s look at the best strategies you can use for your video marketing strategy.

1) Optimize Your Video Landing Page

There are many channels marketers can use to promote their video. One great way is to optimize your video marketing landing page.

The landing page will be of no help if potential clients can’t find you. On the other hand, incorporating fully-optimized video landing pages to your ads, newsletters or social media posts will make your page useful and noticeable.

With this in mind, it is indispensable to create videos that complement the content you write on your landing pages. Following are the vital tips to optimize your videos.

A) Create Short Videos

Remember the less-than-9-seconds attention span from the beginning of the article? Well, guess what. It goes in line with videos and engagement rates.

Short videos have a high engagement rate. Most viewers like and prefer this type of content, or their busy schedule simply doesn’t allow them to sit through a 15-minute video that promotes handbags.

According to the Vidyard infographic report, 75% of the videos produced are less than two minutes long.

Moreover, when you want to include a call-to-action (CTA) for your video, make sure to be clear about what you want them to do. Lack of clarity can affect your conversion rates.

B) Website Landing Page Design

The second factor in optimizing your video landing page is responsiveness. Ensure your web design is responsive. An easy-to-navigate design will encourage readers and viewers to engage with your content, know more about your business and convert into clients.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the statistics. As stated by Blue Corona report, 38% of visitors stop engaging with a website if it lacks a responsive design.

Likewise, the same report shows that 48% of website visitors gauge the website credibility with its design.

Avoid having poor landing page design. It is essential to hire an expert to create an excellent design for your page.

C) Website Loading Speed

Third, online browsers hate slow loading websites. Visitors abandon a website if it takes over 2 seconds to load.

You can use the site Think with Google to check out your website loading speed.

Faster website loading speeds mean faster video loading time. Do your business a favor by speeding up the site loading time and acquire leads from your video marketing strategy.

Use Different Channels To Market Your Videos

Let’s presume you have a killer product video for your video marketing strategy. Now what?

Your videos need to reach the right audience for them to take action. It is essential to ensure you use the right channels for your video marketing strategy.

A right marketing channel can help with brand awareness, earning trust from your prospective buyers and converting leads to clients. It depends on your customer demographic, location and customer satisfaction.

Here are different channels to market your videos, generate leads and convert them to customers.

Create Personalized Videos

Do you like purchasing a perfectly fitted suit or a dress? We all do.

Clients choose content tailored to their needs over anything else. Video marketing is no exception.

Likewise, it is imperative for you as a marketer to personalize your videos according to your clients’ needs. Personalized videos attract higher engagement rates from target clients.

Moreover, personalization increases conversion rate as viewers know that the business cares to solve their problems and not only sell the product.

A survey report by Evergage states that personalization has a huge positive impression on how customers engage with brand products or services.

Now, a personalized video has to have a subtle CTA to work. What action do you want your viewers to take? Do you want them to download an ebook, join your subscriber list or subscribe to your SaaS business?

Well, you need to let your prospective clients know what you want them to do. Have a clear set and smart goals for every video you produce. Following are the ways to do it:

  • Include a CTA directly in the video – add a screen at the end of the video saying what you want the viewer to do next.
  • Include boxes with text (reminders for subscription and comments) that pop up during the video.
  • Include Overlay Ads to the video.

Optimize Your Video SEO Tactics

Optimizing is mandatory for website copy, landing pages and blog posts. However, it is crucial to optimize your videos as well. Strategies you can use for optimization include:

Keyword Use: Including keywords in your video description helps your users to find content much faster. Sure enough, you will have to wait before your videos get indexed by the search engines.

Nonetheless, it’s necessary to let the description guide your readers of what they will get from the video. Moreover, it is vital to include your website URL and keywords in the video transcript to draw traffic to your website.

Video Titles: Your video headlines speak a lot about your videos. A unique headline can attract more viewers to your video content and help with the conversion rate.

Ensure you write catchy headlines for your video to attract more people to view your content and engage with your brand.

Even though exciting video names attract curious eyes, sometimes even the most straightforward headlines work wonders.

Link-building is the third factor to watch out for to enhance your video SEO strategy. Ensure you acquire hyperlinks from high quality and reputable sites to boost your ranking on search engines. If you’re new to this, find out more about link building to get started.

Include Sharing Buttons To Videos

It would be best if you had people to engage with your videos, right?

Well, help them with the engagement.

One great way to accomplish that is by adding sharing buttons to your uploaded videos. Here’s an example from The Guardian.

Additionally, if your video doesn’t get shared enough, leave a comment asking the viewers to share the video to their network.

When the viewers like a specific video, they will share it with their friends and broaden the video’s reach.

Sharing creates higher engagement rates with your brand and helps to build trust, increase conversions and sales.

Use a sharing button so that the user can access your website while on the video player.

Include A Video Transcript

People will watch videos based on the information they get from the video. Video transcript is one way to give more details to the viewers for more engagement, views and likes.

Your transcript turns your video content into text format. Viewers can skim through the material and know what they expect to get from the video.

Including the primary keywords helps to rank in search engines. Ensure your transcript includes the benefits your readers will get when they watch your video.


Testimonials, Ratings And Reviews

Have you seen Instagram profiles of influencers? They’re full of promotional posts for various brands. Moreover, those brands often include testimonials from the influencers to their site (mostly in the form of a video).

The greatest advantage of testimonials is that people like to follow a celebrity and the products that they recommended.

On top of that, the audience will read the reviews as well. A survey by BrightLocal shows that 27% of online buyers read reviews before making a purchase.

Here’s Clover’s reviews page to get you inspired.

Including social proof to your video marketing strategy attracts a bigger customer base. You can use testimonials, ratings and reviews alongside your video marketing tactics to help the video rank higher.

Here’s a testimonials page from 99designs.

You can request your previous customers (or influencers, if you have enough budget) to give a testimony of their experience with your product or service. Try including it in the “Thank you for your purchase” email or in the newsletter to your repeat customers.

As said, buyers like products or services which other people used and liked. Springle your testimonials on pages that link to your videos. The testimonies will encourage viewers to watch videos and take action.

After we enlisted the social proofs to pair with your video marketing strategy, it’s time to see where it could go wrong with rankings. Despite your video marketing strategy methods, sometimes videos won’t rank in Google. If your (YouTube) video fails to get indexed and you can’t figure out why, following are some of the most common reasons you should address.

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Create Different Types Of Videos

Different videos serve different roles in your business marketing. As a video marketing strategy plan, it is fundamental to create different types of videos.

Here are videos you can create for your video marketing:

A) Explainer Videos.

As the name suggests, these videos help to explain to your prospects about your business.

Most online customers are lazy and would rather prefer watching a video than read a product description page. It’s easier, faster, and entertaining.

With your explainer video, you let your potential clients know how your products will help solve their pain points.

B) Live Streaming Videos.

Many clients love to engage with brands through video. A survey report by 50 Wheel shows retailers and eCommerce websites that use live video streaming has a 30% increase in conversion.

During lifestreaming, ensure you use a software that will produce high-quality pictures and sound.

50 Wheel research also shows that 62% of buyers have a negative perception of brands that produce poor-quality lifestreaming videos. Tackle the problem with better equipment. In case you don’t have it, choose another type of video in your video marketing strategy.

C) How-To Videos.

These videos help guide the viewers on how they can use your products or services.

Apart from guiding your potential clients, these types of videos can show you’re an expert in your field.

Due to your expertise, clients trust you have in-depth knowledge of your products or services and that helps with their purchase decision making.

D) Create Gated Video

You need to build an email list to nurture your leads, right?

Well, there is no better way to do it than create gated content or videos.

Make sure the videos are educational and informative to your prospective clients. You can show them a small portion of the video before they even watched anything. As a result, you’ll entice your readers to sign up sooner.

Don’t gate all your video content. Leave most of your content and videos free to increase user engagement with your brand.

Reasons The Above Strategies Are Of High Impact

There is a lot of noise on the internet. Businesses strive and fight to gain potential clients’ attention.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the human attention span is decreasing at an alarming rate.

Using the above video marketing strategies will get your prospect attention, engage them with your brand and convert them to clients.

Search engine rankings. Businesses are striving to rank high on search engines.

Video strategies such as optimizing your website, using responsive design, and right keywords will help your business rank high on search engines.

Building trust. Trust is essential for the success of any online business venture. The above strategies will help build and develop a lasting relationship with your clients.

Potential clients will trust your products or services. They will buy your products and that will increase the conversion rate and sales.


To summarize, video marketing is an ever-expanding channel to market your online business. While you need to develop an exhaustive plan for your video marketing, another factor is to implement it right away.

Make use of your viewer’s short attention span and the above strategies. They play a crucial role in your video marketing success. However, the main question goes back to you, the reader. What video marketing strategies do you use to boost your website traffic and conversions?

Looking to create the kind of video that will boost your traffic and conversions? Contact us here and let’s discuss how we can help you tell your unique story.



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