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Common questions answered by existing clients. Unscripted.

What can I expect the process to be like?
Video Transcript
Their approach was to come alongside us and start asking business questions, we thought “well, that’s sort of how we operate as well”. So, as they started asking us questions then we realised they were really helping us coin our story, really lay out our story.

There’s a great back and forth that we had with the creators at Explainify, as well as the project managers, We were able to really make sure that everything we did was on strategy, um, and continually look to push the envelope as to how far we could take the video to its final place of, you know, being completed.

The initial phase to me is the most exciting phase. Because I get to sit down with them, they interview me, they interview one of my colleagues who’s a subject matter expert. And, they really take care and try and understand and I can’t imagine being a company like that, that deals with, ya know, all kinds of different industries to be able to, to dig in and kind of grasp the concepts.

The first meeting I had with Eric and his team was fantastic, it was very well organized, they really have buttoned down the process to a ‘t’ and we knew exactly what we were expected to deliver from a mentor perspective and also what to expect from the team at Explainify, and I think we were just very comfortable talking about concepts, deliverables, timelines, so we decided to go forward with Explainify.

How do I know if I need an animated video?
Video Transcript
We like to try to think about ways of breaking through the clutter, break through the noise.

We approached Explainify, mainly around the idea of creating something that represents us from an illustrative manner. We knew that Explainify had this great repertoire of illustrators and designers that could bring to life our brand in a more drawn out or animated format as opposed to our typical live action work that we’ve been doing.

We knew that they had the ability to create both very visually appealing work, done in a very creative manner, with a quickness to market which is always a very important thing to me.

Not a lot of competitors in the marketplace use illustration and not even just competitors but a lot of brands. A lot of brands focus on live action as their main way in which they want to represent themselves.

What about pricing?
Video Transcript
You can’t go down to this range where it’s just your friend holding your camera because it doesn’t show your clients that you’re serious. Now, everyone has a startout budget and everyone bootstraps and I understand that.

But there’s a point in time if your brand and you are running down this path, you gotta really be able to spend the right amount of money. Not an exorbitant amount of money, but the right amount of money to show that you’re serious.

And I think that’s where Explainify comes in. It’s a great budget, it’s the right kind of price for us, and we understood that investing in this was important.

What’s it like to work together?
Video Transcript
So Explainify, to me, is a company that can take, ya know, the complex and simplify it. And, as a marketer, the most important thing that we can do is tell stories. And, so, ya know, we need to look for a vendor that can tell a story and Explainify does that very well.

I was really impressed with the ability to concisely explain technical, scientific concepts within a minute or so. And having that impact be scalable across our digital channels, across social media, etc.

Will any company be able to match our illustration style because we are so particular about it and we do it in-house? But the team at Explainify was really great at working with us, they supplied a lot of different inspiration. We supplied a lot of different inspiration. And, through the conversations and collaboration, we ended up landing on an illustration style that felt very unique to us and very much in line with the illustration work we were doing internally. I would say that working with Explainify was pretty much working with an extension of your own team.

They look you right in the eye, they tell you exactly what they’re all about. They don’t overpromise. Luckily, they also over-deliver and that turned out good for, er, for the whole project. But we really felt a connection right away with the team.

What makes the Explainify team different?
Video Transcript
What makes them different is they get down into the details. They tell the stories that are very salient and very precise, um, in even our area, which can be very disparate among our different business units.

And so I’ve appreciated that and I’m amazed they can do that so well. But that’s…that’s to me what makes them different is they really take the time to care. They don’t come to us with a concept until they have something that they know will blow us away and they do every time.

Explainify is my creative team. Who understands the scientific concepts but also understands my customers and is able to take the scientific information that we give them and translate it into something so simple that anybody, even outside of the influencer cycle, understands it quickly.

We love the people at Explainify. They are just the nicest people, they’re fun to work with, they’re very smart, they’re strategic in their thinking, they’re incredibly flexible with changes that we request, and they’re very quick to market. Not to mention that they work within our budget

In what channels can I use my video?
Video Transcript
Probably what made me happiest is that when we showed it to others around the company, both my supervisors, peers, as well as folks around the company, as well as consumers, they all nodded and went, ‘oh, yes, I get it. I got it.’

A sense that it delivered not just at the consumer level but it had, it delivered at every level. Both as a communication tool for consumers to make decisions as well as folks within the company to say, ‘Wow, that’s a marketing piece that is going to work for us’. So, I found that that resonated at enough levels where people could see it had value throughout the organization.

What we found as we worked through the creation of the piece, that it had a lot of legs to it. We use it on Facebook, we use it on a bunch of digital properties, we use it on our own property, we use it on YouTube. What it does is it just really helps us tell this story across so many different touchpoints.

Having materials or content in video format allowed us to reach thousands and thousands of our customers or potential customers through those social media channels and keep them engaged within that one minute with a call to action at the end.

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