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If They Don’t Understand Your Technology, They Won’t Buy It

With Explainify Explainer Videos, 60-90 Seconds Is All It Takes for Prospects to Understand and Take Action

Explainify specializes in 60-90 second animated explainer videos that simplify your company’s complex products and services. Your prospects will understand what you do, what makes you different, and why they should get in touch with you — fast.

Trusted by the best


“We approached a number of leading video production companies; Explainify stood above them all. They not only absorbed what we told them, but knew how to convey our product’s unique benefits with incredible clarity.


Ethan Kim
Senior Solutions Engineer, Panasonic

Everyone Is Looking for a Reason to
Ignore You and Pick the Competition

When you ask customers to sift through walls of text to figure out why they should care about your tech and how you’re different, you lose all but the most motivated. Here are three ways our explainer videos can keep your valuable new prospects from leaving too soon:

#1 – You Can Capture Your Audience’s Attention Quickly

With a high-impact explainer video, your viewers know they’re just a minute or so away from understanding how they can benefit from your products and services. With just one click, they’ll be informed and entertained simultaneously.

#2 – You Can Get that First Conversation Going

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start the conversation — but our explainer videos can break the ice. Your viewers will have things to ask about, and your sales team will be able to elaborate on demonstrated features.

#3 – You Can Increase Deal Momentum

You have a reason to be excited about what you have to offer — now, your target audience is excited, too. Not only will they understand how you can solve their problem, but they’ll know exactly what makes you different and why they should choose your business over a competitor’s — before they even make contact with you.

Why Explainify Is the Smartest Choice for Explainer Video Creation

“Explain” is in our name for a reason — explainer videos are all we do. That means our experience is diverse, deep, and streamlined so that you get the best quality explainer video, on time, the first time. With Explainify, you’ll receive a valuable, long-term asset that increases understanding of your products, resonates with your audience, and gets people to buy.

Why You’ll Love Working with Us:

#1 – You Can Increase Deal Momentum

Our in-depth information-gathering process ensures that we learn your business quickly, isolating the key messages that will inform scripting and storyboarding.

#2 – We’re experts at getting things done.

Our field-tested production timeline and built-in feedback cycles keep you in the loop and your project on the rails for smooth development.

#3 – Our inventive script-writers and animators take a deep dive into your content

to craft messaging and illustrations that capture the essence of your featured product or service.

#4 – We’re specialists.

Our vast experience and laser-focus on creating compelling, 60-90 second videos means high value and low risk for your business.

#5 – We’re transparent and responsive.

You get the quality, custom video you deserve — without the hassle, hang-ups, communication issues, or ambiguity you may have experienced with other vendors (video or otherwise!).


Tell us what you need to accomplish with this video and our 5-step Diamond in a Haystack™ process gets you there without a hitch. And yes, that “™” is real.

“The entire process ­­— start to finish — was fantastic. Very smart, very strong, flexible team. They killed it. Never a complaint. We narrowed our decision down to 4 companies. You won on PROCESS and not shying away from QUALITY and PRICE .”

VP of Marketing, Source3.io


You get a real partner in us. We take the time to understand your tech, brand, and customers, and then uncover your core message.


You leave with the perfect 60-90 second pitch you can use across channels, no matter how complex your technology is, or how unsavvy your customers are.


We won't go dark and surprise you with a "finished" video. You get to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first.


We get the best in the business to audition, filter any off-brand vocal talent, and then work with you until you shout "this is us!"


When you see your custom animated video, the only surprise will be how it somehow turned out even better than you imagined.

Why Gamble with Your Budget or Put Your Company’s Reputation at Risk?

We’ve proven our trustworthiness and transparency over and over again. The proof is in our extensive portfolio and wealth of testimonials from satisfied customers:

“I needed the right partner to help explain simply and concisely how GE Power is helping the Government of Egypt deliver power to its citizens. I needed this done in a culturally aware format. If you are looking for a company to help you deliver storytelling impact, I fully recommend tapping Explainify .”

GM of External Relations, GE

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, we have solutions to fit your business.

We often hear from customers about their experiences with other vendors who offer cut-rate videos. They say, “We wish we had come to you first.”


Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Meet (and Beat) Your Competition

Based on our extensive experience with technology and software clients, we’ve learned exactly what their needs are — and how tough the competition is. Our explainer videos have been a turnkey solution for many businesses in this industry for a few very basic reasons. Here’s what we’ve discovered about what you can’t afford not to do:

If You Work in Tech & Software, You Can’t Afford Not to…

… Simplify Your Complex Products & Services

The fractions of seconds you have to make an impression with your audience — before they go to another website or scroll past your ad — means you must communicate in the simplest terms about your products and services.

… Compete with Others in Your Space Who Already Have a Video

Many of your competitors already have a video, which means this is not an option but a necessity for doing business in the tech space. Don’t fall any further behind — instead, get the kind of video that puts you head and shoulders above them.

… Connect with Your Prospects

Your business needs to grow, and that won’t happen unless you’re regularly connecting with more prospects. A top-notch explainer video is exactly what you need to continue to bridge the gap and increase your momentum. 



Here are just a few things that make us stand out from the competition:

  1. Explainer videos are all we do. Our experience and depth of knowledge means high value and low risk for your business — just what you asked for, when you need it, with no unpleasant surprises along the way.
  2. Our focus is on getting you a high quality video, on time, the first time. As surprising as it may be, not all video companies have this priority.
  3. We’re transparent. That means no hidden agendas, miscommunication, or “oh by the way”s. We’ll communicate clearly with you during every step of the process.

This, in addition to our personalized approach and attention to detail, means that we’re the smartest (and safest) choice for explainer video creation.


In general, the range of pricing for explainer videos is fairly wide. With any video production company, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $25,000 for an animated video and between $30-65K for a live-action video. (We understand there are cut-rate video companies offering videos at less than $1K… if that sounds tempting to you, please do your homework on those companies. Sometimes if it seems too good to be true, it is, especially in the video production world.)

At Explainify, we make animated videos within the $10-20K range. We’ve found that this range is optimal for developing stunning, tailored videos that amplify your message and create impact for your business. We don’t use templates, and you own all the files. For startups, we have a sister company that provides less customized production for more economic pricing.


Because an explainer video often adds value to an overall marketing strategy, assessing its ROI as an isolated asset is generally not straightforward. However, the statistics on video marketing ROI are strong:

  • Marketers using video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t (Wordstream).
  • The vast majority of marketers (83%) believe that video gives them a good ROI (Hubspot).
  • CrazyEgg says that their explainer video generated an additional $21,000 in revenue.

We can brainstorm with you about video placement and identifying the CTA that will work best, as well as ways to track the conversion rate on that action.


If you work in technology or software, the answer is almost certainly yes. According to HubSpot’s 2019 State of Video Marketing Report, 68% of consumers say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video — and when asked what type of video content they wanted to see, consumers cited explainer videos.

Tech products and services can be notoriously difficult to explain to customers easily, and an explainer video can solve that problem in an entertaining, informative way.

Get the High Quality Explainer Video You Need, Hassle-Free.