Our Process

Your project is in safe hands
and we won’t create more work for you.

Step 1

Goals & Objectives

The hunt begins! You talk, we listen… all the while digging for the insights needed to make your project a success. We ensure your project goals are top of mind in everything we do.

Step 2

Crafting the Message

You’re too close to your business to explain it clearly. As outsiders, we sift through all the potential stories you could tell and find the message that will resonate best with your audience. Clarity is key here and it happens by honing in on your best message and crafting it into a script.

Step 3

Visuals & Voice Over

Let’s add some visuals and color. Frame by frame storyboards and beautiful design uphold your script to deliver your core message. We work with you through any revisions to ensure it’s on-brand and on-target to deliver.

Step 4

Animation & Sound Design

You’ve agreed that everything is perfect, now we bring your video to life with premium motion graphics. Just like a Gemologist combines the perfect cuts to bring the beauty out of the diamond – we combine the script, sound effects, and animated graphics to bring out the wow factor that makes sure your audience perks up and pays attention.

Step 5

Final Video

When we’re done, it’s more than a video – it’s a valuable piece of beautiful content. The core message uncovered can be used throughout your organization to explain and inspire. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to best use your Explainify video to exceed your project goals.

Ready to raise your hand and get excited?