Episode 20

On this week’s episode of the Press Play Podcast, Derek Gerber sits down with longtime friend Will Crist. Will is a certified EOS implementer, and he believes in a brighter future for entrepreneurs, their businesses, and their teams. Derek and Will discuss COVID-19’s effects on the workforce, the importance of purpose, the EOS curriculum, and much more.

“What’s important is doing what you love doing, because that’s where you’re going to find the most fulfillment.”


Americans have learned countless lessons over the past year and a half, many of which relate to happiness, purpose, inspiration, and the ability to be content. Individuals have had to confront challenging questions: What makes you happy? What does it mean to be happy? What is your purpose?

As they’ve investigated their lives and pondered meaning, many have chosen to leave their jobs to pursue something they are passionate about. The negatives of their jobs outweighed the positives. They weren’t content spending 50-60 hours a week doing work they weren’t passionate about, and it was time to make a change.

“What’s important is doing what you love doing, because that’s where you’re going to find the most fulfillment.” (9:19)

As a result, many businesses are suffering through staffing issues, struggling to understand why employees are leaving longtime jobs for new opportunities.

Will’s greatest passion is helping businesses be the best they can be, and EOS is his most effective tool. He understands that companies need to make sweeping changes from the top down. They need to incentivize employees to stick around, but they must look farther than money.

“Companies are going to have to change the way that they recruit, retain, and motivate their people.” (3:17)

While money is often an adequate incentive, workers have begun prioritizing other elements of their life over the last two years. They want to focus on their passions in a space they enjoy, and businesses will need to catch up. Companies need to create positions their employees can thrive in and environments that keep their teams motivated.

Will uses EOS to help businesses understand what their employees need and how they can build a strong, sustainable workforce filled with a team of satisfied employees. According to Will, workers are looking for five things.

  1. They want to do what they love.
  2. They want to work with the people they love.
  3. They want to make a difference in the world.
  4. They want appropriate compensation for their work.
  5. They want to have time for their passions.

One of Will’s favorite things about EOS is the implementers’ core value of help first. They aren’t focused on selling businesses their product before they know whether or not it will help. When prospective customers call an implementer, they won’t receive a lengthy sales pitch. Instead, the company can talk about their experience to determine if EOS is the right fit for what they need.

“People can talk about what their experience is to find out if there’s a fit, and then people can decide whether they want to invest the time, the resources, and the money to make their business better.” (19:54)

If you are an entrepreneur interested in building or improving your business, check out EOS today!

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(0:37) Introducing Will and EOS
(5:32) Why Will chose EOS
(8:38) Five things businesses need to understand
(11:53) The importance of purpose
(14:37) EOS curriculum
(18:31) Deciding if EOS is right for you
(22:18) People aren’t quitting! 


Derek Gerber
Will Crist


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