How to Pitch the Value of Explainer Videos to Your Leadership Team

As a marketer, you’re always figuring out how to tell your company’s story in a way that drives more revenue. You’re responsible for finding the right medium and channels to market through so that your leadership has confidence in where their money is spent. 

With attention spans getting shorter and an audience that has come to expect visual storytelling, video should be top of mind for your marketing efforts. Explainer videos are one type of video marketing that is especially effective at educating and motivating prospective customers to take action at the top of your sales funnel. 

Though the value of an explainer video might be apparent to you, you’ll still have to pitch the idea to your leadership team. In order to do this effectively, you’ll need the right approach and information that will convince your leadership team that an explainer video can be your next big revenue generator.

In this article, we’ll explore why explainer videos are effective and how to convey that value when you pitch the idea to your leadership team.

Describe Why Explainer Videos have a Long Shelf Life and Produce a Good ROI

Any time a marketing asset can stay relevant for a year or more is a BIG win. Assets like explainer videos are non-perishable and produce results for years because they represent the core message of your business. Other types of marketing such as Adwords are perishable and burn up your budget quickly. And at the end of these campaigns, you don’t have an asset that you can continue to use.

Since you’re already spending a lot of money to drive customers to your site, it’s important to capitalize on that traffic with a high converting explainer video. Cultivating an understanding about your products is key for conversion rates and this is precisely what an explainer video can do.

The long shelf life and ability to increase conversion rates contribute to an explainer video’s ability to produce a solid ROI – a key concern for your leadership team. The ROI is good because the cost per month over the lifespan of the video is much cheaper than many other types of marketing.

Point Out That Explainer Videos Establish Authority

With any type of marketing, you always want to position yourself as an authority in the industry. When a prospect comes across your professional video, it immediately communicates authority to them. Anyone can write some content, but not everyone is taking the time or making the investment to create a high-quality video.

This level of engagement triggers customers to see your business as a premium offering and a step above the competition. Allowing your customers to understand your business more deeply and make their buying decision easy.  An explainer video is a great way to elevate your authority in the eyes of customers looking for real value in the marketplace.

One of our customers put it best,

“We’re in hyper-growth mode and we want our $5 million dollar company to look like a $50 million dollar company.”

An explainer video is one of the tools they’re using to boost their authority and stand out in their industry.

Illustrate How Explainer Videos Fit Into your Existing Marketing Efforts

It’s important to communicate that an explainer video supports the rest of your marketing efforts instead of replacing them. Leadership doesn’t always like change at the cost of other efforts that are already in place. But, when they can see that an explainer video is a valuable addition to existing marketing efforts, there shouldn’t be any resistance to the idea.

The explainer video most likely will sit at the top of your funnel to keep the leads that come to your site engaged with a tight narrative. Once you engage your customers through the explainer video, then you can lead them further into the buyer journey with other resources.

Furthermore, explainer videos can be used in more places than just your homepage. You can use the creative elements of your explainer video in other areas of your marketing such as:

  • Sales decks
  • Other landing pages on your website
  • Outbound sales
  • Visual materials for trade shows and booths
  • etc

The versatility of the way you can use the elements of your explainer video ultimately gives you more bang for your buck.

Communicate How Creating a Video with a Third-Party Perspective Helps you Refine your Company’s Story

Many think their company’s story is already told well, but the process of creating an explainer video can help make that story even tighter and more effective. The different teams and departments within your company often talk about your offerings in different ways. So by working with a third-party, all teams can get aligned on the ideal narrative. 

Through the creation process, you not only get a polished video, but you gain valuable insight into why you’re different from competitors and what your true advantage is in the marketplace. 

Convince Your Team with Real Metrics and Relevant Examples

customer journey

Any time you’re pitching an idea, you need to explain how you can prove the value of the investment. The great thing about video is that you can track it. You can show who watched the video using analytics or hooking it up to your CRM or marketing automation software. You can also track how long people watch the video, where they stopped watching, and where they clicked from.

Other metrics you can provide are estimates of a shorter sales cycle or simpler conversion path by using an explainer video. Not to mention, you’d be able to show the opportunity loss of clients and internal projects had your in-house team taken on an explainer video themselves.

Along with these metrics, you’ll want to show your team the ways competitors are using videos and how your company can stay relevant by producing an even better video. It’s important to use examples related to your company so that leadership has confidence in the production team’s ability to produce results in your industry.

Build your Leadership Team’s Confidence in the Process of Creating a Video

Your leadership team will want to understand the workflow of the production team so they know how much involvement will be needed on your team’s end and that there’s a structured plan of action. Everyone likes a man (or woman) with a plan. 

Describe how the production team will do the heavy lifting but include you in the process. At Explainify for example, we always make sure there are revision cycles at each stage of production so we can hear customer’s feedback and create a video that is truly on-brand and effective. 

We also always make sure you have 2 points of contact for your project so there are no delays in communication. We’re not into the disappearing act and showing up weeks later with a video (it’s scary, but those vendors do exist). Build confidence for yourself and your leadership when you know what is expected in creating a video. 

Now it’s time to Pitch the Idea of an Explainer Video With Confidence

When considering all the marketing tactics available and how buyers consume content, there’s no denying that explainer videos are one of the most effective tools for grabbing attention and helping people understand why you’re better than your competition.

A single video can stay relevant for years and it produces a high ROI when compared to other marketing tactics. Furthermore, the authority a professional video establishes and its seamless integration into your other marketing efforts will be music to your leadership team’s ears.

You now know what information needs to be presented to your leadership team to give the thumbs up on an explainer video project. Have fun and be confident that an explainer video will be your company’s next big revenue generator.

If you’re ready to create a top-notch explainer video with the help of an experienced team, connect with us at Explainify today. We’re here to make your project frustration-free.



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