Join The Explainify Team


Do you have a bigger vision for the future and feel like you have more to offer? Looking for a team that gains energy and excitement from your ideas and helps you realize the bigger vision for your future?

We’re a scrappy (see the urban dictionary definition) team that passionately and deeply cares…about our people, our industry, our service and our clients. We’re a Small Giant – choosing to be great instead of big.

At Explainify, we help forward-thinking marketing leaders simplify their story and get the audience to take action. We believe video is the best way to connect and engage with that story.

You know all those crappy corporate videos that make you cringe?

We don’t make those. Our animated videos are power-packed with clear explanation and buyer psychology that drives real action. Not to mention, they look pretty fantastic.

Explainify – your animated explainer video needs to elevate your brand, separate you from the competition, and inspire people to think, feel, and then act. We do that.