Sell your token faster with ICO Explainer Videos

People Struggle To Understand Your Blockchain Tech.

And sadly, having an amazing concept doesn’t guarantee attention or funding. If investors don’t get it, they simply won’t fund your ICO.

Our ICO Explainer Videos Change That

You’ll never meet your funding goals if clearly communicating your tech with investors is a struggle.

No investor wants to stake their money or reputation on something they don’t understand!

Whitepapers are great as legal documents, but they won’t help your marketing. They’re more likely to pile up in an investor’s inbox… alongside the other 50 whitepapers they’re “planning” to read. If they finally do read yours – will they understand your model enough to trust you and believe in your long term vision? Hoping they will isn’t enough in the current market. Hope won’t set you apart.

And it turns out “hope” makes a poor marketing strategy too. Look, you’re spending a big chunk of your budget, maybe even six figures, to market your ICO. 

You can’t afford to not be understood.

Explainer Videos Give Your ICO The Edge You Need


Build Awareness and Trust in Your Vision

Create awareness of your ICO, increase perception, and help your audience connect with your vision. Video can show your value and address concerns in less than 2 minutes.


Stand Out From All the ICO Noise

Beat the ICO rush & present a better solution than your competitors. While they wait for their whitepapers to be read, your ICO video was watched by dozens of investors.


Ignite Interest in Your Token Sale

Cast an amazing vision for what the future could be like with your technology and the return your investors will see.


Define Your Call To Action

Define the next steps your audience should take to learn more and invest in your world-changing vision.

ICO Explainer Videos Grab Interest And Increase Token Sales

Increase Leads

Make a connection with site visitors and convert them into future investors.

Convey Value to Investors

Global 2000 companies and investors are desperate to get their heads around blockchain tech. They want to be involved and are spending big to get in on the ground floor! Bring clarity to the table so you can stand out from the crowd and demand attention from the right audience.

“This Is The Best Way To Get Investors To Engage”

“This is how our company raised our money. I didn’t have to go emailing a series A deck that I don’t want going out to competitors. This is the best way to get investors to engage.”

Wally Nguyen
CEO of mNectar

Cheap, Cookie Cutter Videos Do More Damage Than Good

You need people to see the decentralized future you’re creating. Our animated ICO explainer videos are proven creators of ‘EUREKA!’ moments. That’s a specialized skill, not something someone can do in their mom’s basement.

If they don’t understand your business or audience, your video will misrepresent you and confuse the people you are trying to reach.

In a sea of generalist video producers, we’ve remained at the cutting edge of transformative technologies. In fact, we’ve produced over 700 videos for disruptive companies.

This is not a job for a generalist video maker.

Our Unfair Advantage?

We are crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

We know this is the future, and want to help you raise the money to build it.

There’s no need to waste hours explaining what blockchain is, how an ICO functions, or what a token is. Simply send us the white paper and we’ll dig in. We’ll sharpen your key message, talking points and story to help your ICO stand out from the crowd.

Find out more about our Process

How It Works

You aren’t cookie cutter so your video shouldn’t be either. Our Diamond in a Haystack™ Process will reveal and highlight the best in your technology and your vision. We research your blockchain technology, simplify your message and create animated video in any language. This is a video perfectly tailored to you– no pre-made elements, no templates. We care too much to plug-and-play your tech with some template anyone can buy online!

“Explainify Stood Above Them All”

“We approached a number of leading video production companies; Explainify stood above them all. They not only absorbed what we told them, but knew how to convey our product’s unique benefits with incredible clarity.”

Ethan Kim
Senior Engineer of Panasonic

“Nothing But Exceptional In Understanding the Complex Concepts”

“The Explainify team has been nothing but exceptional in understanding the complex concepts, suggesting visual elements and editing the videos to align perfectly with our objectives.”

Kanchan Deshpande
MarCom Manager of PerkinElmer

Examples Of Our Work


Explainer Video

Product Video
Sales Video
Brand Video
Product Video
Brand Video

Got A Project And Think We Can Help?

When you get in touch you’ll have a short call with us. During the call you’ll get to ask questions about us, and we’ll also have a few for you. The goal is to help you understand what type of video you need and whether we are a fit for each other.

All of our projects are 100% custom, built to meet your objectives.