Your Best Prospects
Will See Your Explainer Video

So this animated explainer video needs to elevate your brand, separate you from the competition,
and inspire your best prospects to think, feel, and then do something… right?


“Our best prospects would be looking at this video and  we never want to look the same or come across as cheap.

Ian Schmertzler
President, Dispel



The world's most successful companies
trust Explainify to drive their buyer's journey


Tell us what you need to accomplish with this animated explainer video and our 5-step Diamond in a Haystack™ process gets you there without a hitch. And yes, that “™” is real.


You get a real partner in us. We take the time to understand your brand and customers, and then uncover your core message.


Come with a vague idea for a script or no script at all, and you’ll leave with a perfect 60-90 second pitch you can use across channels.


We won’t go dark and surprise you with a “finished” video. You get to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first.


We get the best in the business to audition, filter any off-brand vocal talent, and then work with you until you shout “this is us!”


When you see your custom animated explainer video, the only surprise will be how it somehow turned out even better than you imagined.

Your run-of-the-mill video production company is focused on pumping out every type of video under the sun in bulk. We focus on a few clients at a time, have an air-tight process, and only produce animated explainer videos tied to business goals.


Your video will be touched (with love) by specialists — customer success people who care about your success, project managers who manage projects, scriptwriters who write scripts, animators who animate, voice actors who… you get the point. Here are just a few highlights:


Graeme McLaughlin

Video Strategy

When you reach out to tell us about your project, you’ll talk to Graeme. He’ll take the time to understand your business goals, answer any questions you have, and determine whether we’re a fit. He’s also the one who ensures you milk every last drop of value out of your videos.

“We realized from the very first call, that Explainify is a partner that does video with business objectives and results in mind — and has a super organized process.”


Kelsey Potter & Randi Wright

Project Management

We assign two (2!) project managers to your project. With Kelsey and Randi on your side, you won’t have to wrangle a team of creatives. They’ll get the best work out of the best talent, making you look like a hero without adding work to your plate.

“Our project managers were kind, patient, responsive and very insightful. It was very personalized and I never felt like you were nickel and diming us. They were always very clear about scope.”

LU LU, Director, BayHealth

Eric Hinson

Owner & CEO

The guy Entrepreneur, Wistia, and HubSpot call on for his video wisdom still gets involved to ensure you’re blown away by your video and its impact on your business. If he were a consultant, he’d cost a fortune (we throw him in as a deal sweetener).

“Eric is a true master of his trade… his trade being explaining business’ products and services via visual media.”

CHRIS BATTIS, Director, HubSpot

If trusting your brand with some jacks and jills of all trades armed with cheap software and stock assets seems like a good idea — we aren’t the team for you.


You get a custom 60-90 second animated explainer video that ensures your best prospects remember you, feel something, then take the next step toward becoming your customer.









Each animated explainer video has it’s own look and feel because each client brought a different brand, product, customer, and business objective… and everything we do is custom. Your video needs to be more than pretty. It needs to do a job and do it well.


After 700+ animated explainer videos across 40+ verticals that reliably propel prospects through the buyer’s journey for some of the most complex products and services — you know we’ve got this.


“We’re always running experiments and thought our landing page was pretty well optimized… but after two weeks (and thousands of conversions) we realized a 23% increase.”

MATT TERSKI, President, CaseComplete


“Our sales reps were having to spend way too much time explaining what we do during their sales calls. Explainify helped us distill our message down in a succinct way while staying true to our brand.”

MISHA RANGEL, Director, Outbound Engine


“This is how our company raised our money. I didn’t have to go emailing a series A deck that I don’t want going out to competitors. An explainer video was the best way to get investors to engage”



“Explainify made me look like an expert among my peers. The process was straightforward, communication was fast and deadlines were hit ahead of time. I could not be happier with the outcome of the video. Thank you!!!”

LAUREN MONK, Marketing, GasBuddy

“They don’t come to us with a concept until they know they have something that will blow us away — and they always do. I mean, we’ve done 19 explainer videos with them so far.

ROB RITTBERG, Manager, PerkinElmer

Get Your Explainer Video Questions Answered

After 30 minutes or so with Graeme, our Head of Strategy, he’ll wrap his head around your business and what you need to achieve, answer any questions you have, and ask a few questions of his own.

You’ll walk away knowing what kind of solution you need, whether we’re the right team for you, and an approximate timeline and budget.