8 Great Explainer Video Examples

What Are Some Examples of Great Explainer Videos?

Sometimes it’s easier to describe what kind of video you want after you’ve seen a few great examples. We’ve selected eight explainer videos that we believe really capture the essence of what these kinds of videos can do. Of course, we’ll start this list with some of the favorites we’ve done!


#1 – Panasonic LinkRay Explainer Video

This video illustrates the unique capabilities of Panasonic’s Link Ray product, showcasing different applications for how consumers might use it in their everyday lives. This is also a powerful example of how a complex product can be simplified using an explainer video.



#2 – Yale Assure Lock Explainer Video

In this explainer video, Yale demonstrates the unique qualities of its digital key application, showcasing the simple design and applications to app users. The animation in this video clearly highlights the product’s ease of use and benefits over physical keys and locks.



#3 – Menguin Explainer Video

In this video, Menguin promotes its tuxedo rental services and simultaneously explains to viewers how easily it is to get started. Their business model and all its key points are demonstrated simply through motion graphics and just a few brand colors.



#4 – Dexter Edward (Fognigma) Explainer Video

Dexter Edward uses its video to introduce a service called Fognigma, which allows users to protect their data exchanges with secure, temporary environments. This is a tool with many layers of sophistication that is easily explained to viewers with motion graphics and a voiceover.



#5 – Wrike Resource Explainer Video

This video for Wrike Resource offers a demonstration of Wrike’s software, showing potential customers how easy it is to use while pitching it as a solution to common project management problems. This is often where animation excels because it can effortlessly illustrate complex processes and provide an inside look at a digital resource without giving away too much proprietary information.



#6 – LinkedIn (Job Search) Explainer Video

This short and sweet job search video for LinkedIn clearly communicates how simple it is to find a great job and apply for it through the LinkedIn site. Viewers come away knowing exactly why LinkedIn is a preferred job search engine and how it can benefit them.



#7 – Uber Explainer Video

This live action video for Uber shows Uber drivers how they can receive payment quickly and easily through Instant Pay. This video is more of a tutorial for the Uber Driver App than a promotional video, though it could also be used for promotional purposes.


#8 – Plated Explainer Video

This video for Plated showcases how adventurous eaters can enjoy lots of different cuisines by getting food delivered to their doorsteps. It offers the comfort of home-cooked meals and the diversity of international flavors.



Create an Explainer Video

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