What Kind of Results Can You Get from an Explainer Video?

If you’re looking for specific ROI from an explainer video, you’ll want to reference our section about having a single call to action you can measure. Remember that nearly 70% of consumers prefer to watch a short video on a product or service (in comparison with consuming other types of content). But results from video marketing are clear based on its surging growth as an industry over the past few years.

Video Marketing Statistics

  • In 2017, video editing platform Magisto reported that video marketing was a $135 billion industry in the US alone.
  • Cisco predicts that 83% of all online traffic will be video traffic by 2022.
  • Outbrain says that 87% of marketers are currently using video.

As video starts eating up a bigger piece of the content marketing pie, those who aren’t using video (or who are using it less) are quickly being left behind in the marketplace:

  • Wordstream reports that marketers using video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
  • HubSpot states that the vast majority of marketers (83%) believe that video gives them a good ROI.
  • CrazyEgg says that their explainer video generated an additional $21,000 in revenue.

For at least the past decade, video has proven to improve conversion rates and significantly increase brand awareness. The key question for marketers today is not whether your business should invest in video, but how much your business should invest in video.

Intro - What Is an Explainer Video, & How Should It Be Used?
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