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What kind of video is best suited to solve my problem?

How can we make video a core part of our strategy?

How do you compare to these other vendors?

How will this project look from start to finish?

What's the time commitment on our end (hint: not much)

How long will this project take?

How much should I budget for?

Can you help me get buy-in from my team?

How should we measure success?

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We do our best work for only a few clients at a time. If we aren’t the perfect team for the job, we’ll point you in the right direction, even if it’s toward a competitor.

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“They don’t come to us with a concept until they know they have something that will blow us away — and they always do. I mean, we’ve done 19 videos with them so far.

ROB RITTBERG, Manager, PerkinElmer