Why Companies with Internal Marketing Resources Still Partner with Explainer Video Experts

Why Companies With Internal Marketing Resources Still Partner With Explainer Video Experts

For many companies looking to produce video, they turn to their internal team to whip something up. But even if these internal teams have the software or resources for general video production, they don’t have the expertise needed to create content that truly stands out and drives action.

These internal teams get bombarded with many projects at once leading to late deliverables, sub-par quality, and an end product that fails to hook and engage prospects. Additionally, since these teams have to follow strict style guides, they aren’t getting the strategic outside input that brings them out of their own bubble and into the trends that generate real results.

To achieve the quality needed for your video content to truly shine, working with a team of video experts is the clear path forward. Not only will a video partner infuse your video efforts with fresh ideas and superior craftsmanship, but will also deliver this end product much faster than an in-house team ever could.

Follow along as we address the common misconceptions of working with a video partner and dive deeper into the benefits of this partnership.


Common Misconceptions about Outsourcing Video Creation


Professional Video Is Too Expensive 

Though there’s obviously a price tag on high-quality video, it’s very reasonable when you compare it to the money you may be wasting on other advertising and marketing efforts. Many companies tend to invest in an array of advertising methods but don’t really understand how to track the results or gain insight from them. Furthermore, once you spend the money on advertising, that money is gone forever and you don’t gain any sort of lasting asset from it. 

By investing in video instead of these other ineffective tactics, you gain an asset that can stay relevant for an average of 2 years and you also have a team of experts that know how to drive real results with video. Knowing what these results actually mean for your business and being able to prove the ROI of your investment in video makes having a trusted, expert video consultant extremely valuable.

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Video Lacks Value and Won’t Generate Measurable ROI

When you consider all the use cases of video and its ability to drive conversion, there’s no denying its value. Explainer videos are evergreen and can be used for years across many platforms including your website, landing pages, social media, emails, and other sales materials. 

When it comes to having an ultimate sales pitch and enabling your sales teams to succeed, an explainer video is a necessary tool. Explainer videos aren’t a people replacement tool, but they work as a people enhancement tool, allowing your salespeople to get their message across much more effectively and consistently.


Key Benefits of Working with Video Experts


Industry Expertise and Strategic Insight 

When you bring a video project to an internal person, they’ll just ask for a bunch of inputs and will regurgitate generic outputs in-line with their style guide. This lacks creativity and input on best practices for your video content. 

You need expert guidance on what’s effective in the industry and what works for other big brands. A video partner isn’t trapped in a bubble and has their finger on the pulse of what trends effectively drive action. In a sense, this insight allows a video partner to market your product better than your own team. You need this strategic insight in order to properly educate and engage people.


Top-Notch Quality

If you don’t stand out, your video won’t get watched. We provide custom professional voice overs and engaging animation that grabs attention quickly and drives action. Custom animation is highly personalized to what you’re trying to achieve and is accepted universally, memorable, and impactful.

Animation allows you to tweak things quickly instead of having to reshoot as is the case of live-action. With a mixture of 2D and 2.5 D animation, you keep the costs down while maintaining high-quality. You cannot accomplish this in-house whereas our team of experts can do it seamlessly.


Quick Turnaround Time on Deliverables

Oftentimes, internal marketing teams have too much on their plates and can’t meet the right quality standards. With video content meant to drive more conversion and engagement, there’s no time to waste getting it out into the world.

By working with Explainify, you have a guaranteed time of delivery. From conception to execution, we will produce your video 3x as fast as an internal team while maintaining quality.


Partnering with Explainer Video Companies Saves Time, Money, and Massive Headaches


Now’s the time to take inventory of where you are blowing cash on unproductive marketing or advertising tactics, and invest it in the proven power of video.

By partnering with Explainify, we make video creation a Frustration-Free Process while delivering at the highest of quality in a short amount of time. The more videos we make for you, the more we learn about your needs and how to leverage your engagement data to keep levelling up your video marketing efforts.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how to take this one important job off your in-house marketing team’s plate. 



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