Strategic Coach, Meet Explainify!

Hey – It’s Eric from the Signature Program.

I have an idea on how we can collaborate to disrupt the way people perceive & understand the Strategic Coach program.

Using Explainify’s Unique Ability, we can quickly turn your prospects from busy entrepreneurs to workshop attendees, to raving fans. We can also help increase renewals and bump-ups.

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Care to know about us?

Explainify specializes in strategic communications through visual storytelling.

Here’s how we like to explain what we do:

Your business is complex. It’s made up of all these different parts like your brand, your products and services, your team, your technology, and so on.

And at the intersection of all those parts is the essence of your company — what you stand for, who you are, what you offer. This is what your prospect has to understand about you in order to do business with you.

But the more parts you have, or the more complex those parts are, the harder it is to get conversions.

What we do at Explainify is comb through all those distinct, important parts of your business to find that primary intersection. Then we take the essence of your company, your key message, and translate it into concise, digestible visual stories that help you get more sales.

A “candid” photo of me strategizing on your behalf