WIN Detergent Increases CTR 311% with Video Ads

WIN Detergent Case Study

Detergent is an established space dominated by some of the world’s biggest brands – think Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc. With such big-name brands cornering the market on clean clothes, it’s tough to get noticed and to secure shelf space.

WIN needed a way to break through these giants to get the attention of fitness buffs, personal trainers, and athletes looking for a detergent made specifically for workout clothes.


It’s evident that the WIN team knows their product. The science behind WIN is fascinating and compelling. However, they had no easy way to help potential customers understand what made WIN so special or even how to effectively reach this specific target market.

The marketing team at WIN discovered that, if not marketed correctly, their specialized product could easily be viewed as a gimmick exploiting a sports-minded audience or an over-priced alternative to regular detergent.


The Explainify team carefully assessed WIN’s unique challenge, and with a specified audience in mind, drew up a creative plan that would speak specifically to them. Knowing that the WIN audience is intelligent when it comes to their bodies, nutrition, and performance, the Explainify Team created a two-minute explainer video focused on the unique science behind WIN to help viewers understand why WIN, on a chemical level, is really better for athletic wear.

Additionally, Explainify discovered that most athletes and coaches prefer Facebook over other social channels. It’s where teams or groups meet and where they share, search, and discuss their favorite sport. So, Explainify collaborated with the WIN team to create two short, yet dynamic, animated explainer videos for use as targeted Facebook ads.


After the Explainify short videos ran on Facebook:

  • More than half of the people who saw the ad in their feed watched the animated explainer video, meaning for every two people who encountered the ad, at least one of them stopped to consume WIN’s video content.
  • The video ads had a lower cost-per-click than the static ads ran previously – that’s a staggering $0.35 vs. $1.50.
  • All these approaches resulted in a 311% increase in CTR.

WIN Detergent Explainer Video


of consumers want to see more videos from brands.
(Source: HubSpot)

500 Million+ people watch Facebook videos each day

Here’s what we learned

Every company we work with is unique, regardless of the industry or use case. WIN came in with a story all their own, however their challenges were very common among businesses struggling to reach their target market.

Know Your Audience

WIN’s biggest customer base consisted of personal trainers, fitness buffs, and yoga instructors, the majority of whom are women. So, we had to tell the WIN story in a way that would appeal to sports-minded women – intelligently, honestly, and straight-forward.

Make Science Awesome

Many times scientific concepts are presented in ways that are overly complex or outright dull. It is imperative that viewers understand the science behind WIN in order to understand how and why the detergent works. To do this, Explainify explains the science in an interesting, educational, and entertaining way. One of the concepts we used was to animate and personify sweat bacteria and metaphorical imagery to actually show WIN at work.

Test The Message

Truth is, not every ad is going to perform incredibly well, regardless of the platform. This is why it’s important to test the message – sometimes with different video concepts to see what works and where improvements can be made. Explainify collaborated with the WIN team on multiple animated explainer videos providing the opportunity to refine the message, develop more than one approach to the story, and test for efficiency.

Conclusion & Testimonial

Video really is the future of online advertising. New York Times best-selling author and marketing guru Neil Patel found that people are 27-times more likely to click a video ad than a static ad.

Your brand story has the power to motivate and drive people to action. Telling your story in a compelling and engaging way brings awareness to your brand, increases sales, and creates a lasting impression.

The CTR for this add jumped to 1.70% for personal Trainers and 2.329% for yoga instructors. That’s a 200% increase and a 311% increase over the static ad, respectively!