5 Undeniable Reasons Your Business Needs an Animated Video

Animated videos aren’t just for startups. In the past few years, there’s been a considerable rise in the popularity of animation for business. A wide range of companies – from Chipotle, to Spotify, to Groupon – are using animated video to promote their products and services in fresh and entertaining ways.

We’re willing to bet that you’ve taken notice of these concise but highly entertaining marketing tools. How could you miss them? They’re everywhere! And for good reason, too.

If you’ve been thinking about including animated video as part of your brand strategy, but haven’t yet – it’s time to make your move. Here are 5 very good reasons you should make an animated explainer video immediately:

1. Animated Video is A Tractor Beam for Eyeballs

When you make an animated movie, there are no limits to what you can create. Your imagination is your only limiting factor. It’s this freedom and creativity that makes animation so engaging.

When you’re watching an animated film (like an explainer video), your sense of reality is suspended. You’re taken into another time and place that may resemble our world, but it’s an entirely new creation.

That’s the beauty of animated video. You can create a world that’s all your own.

And just think – consumers can associate this visual creation with your company and its products. When you decide to make an animated video, you and your team get to choose everything from the color scheme and animation style to music and characters. It’s all up to you.

Whatever vision you have for your brand, you can bring it to life in an animated video.

2. Animated Video is Easy to Understand

An animated explainer video is the perfect tool to provide information in a clear and concise manner.

This is especially true if you need to explain particularly difficult concepts. If your marketing team just uses complex statistical information posted on your site to try and woo customers, they might be headed for failure. Seriously, just try to explain advanced functionality using live action!

Very few customers will sit and wrestle through complex, unclear information in order to make a decision. If the information on your website is too technical, customers might struggle to understand what it means. It’s very easy for customers to misunderstand your brand and what it offers.

That’s the beauty of animated video.

Whatever information you need to present can be simplified. You don’t have to load your animated video with tons of statistics to get your point across. Just choose a couple of graphs to include and these will be clearly explained by the accompanying narration.

The clearer and more concise your message is, the more customers you’ll attract.

3. Animated Video Is Universal

Animated movies are not just for young children. Just ask all the grown-ups who bawled their eyes out during the first ten minutes of Pixar’s Up. People of all ages enjoy animation. So when you create an animated video to reach out to and engage customers, you can appeal to a broad range of people.

That’s because great animated video tells a compelling story – and stories are universal. We all love connecting to characters and following their adventures.

Your animated video is like a (very) short movie. You can tell consumers the story of your company, introduce your brand, and explain the products you offer. This will help to build a connection between you and your customers. They will identify with your company more easily and develop brand loyalty if they are engaged in your story and see themselves as a part of it.

4. Animated Video Can Keep Up with Your Company Growth and Changes

Another excellent reason to make an animated video is that it’s easy to make changes.

Let’s say you update the packaging of your product. If you have a live-action video, then you’ll either need to create an entirely new video – or you’ll have to reshoot and insert the new scenes.

If you choose the former, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money. If you choose the latter, your video will probably end up looking choppy and uneven, which will be distracting to the audience.

With an animated video, it’s a lot easier to make updates down the road if necessary. If your packaging, pricing, or messaging changes then you can edit the film to match the style of the existing video, saving you time and money.

5. Animated Video Gets Results

Did you know including an animated video on your company website will help you to rank higher in search engine results? How does this happen?

The way Google and other search engines work is they place an emphasis on those sites that people spend the most time on. If someone comes to your site and then leaves within a minute or two, you’re not going to rank as high as the company that gets people to stick around.

When you have an animated video on your site, people are more likely to become engaged and spend some time on your site. Not only that, but you’ll likely experience an increase in your conversion rates to boot.

Key Stat:  A recent study discovered that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after seeing an explainer video about it.

Your professional animated video is a great investment that will pay off in higher site rankings, improved conversion rates, and more sales.

Take the Next Step

There are a lot of compelling reasons why your company should make an animated video.

They not only engage your audience and include consumers in your company’s narrative, they also help to explain your product and lead to better site visibility and increased sales.

With all of these good reasons before you, why wait a day longer? Contact Explainify to get started on your animated video today.

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