4 Clever Marketing Solutions to Help Grow Your Business

This week in our content roundup we went full-on Darth Vader crushing pesky rebel marketing theories that are causing you grief. Step inside blog posts not so far away in a time that is right now to learn some marketing solutions you need!  

The Seductive Power of the Dark Side [Rented Land] (Content Marketing Institute)

Can you imagine Darth Vader begging for a parking space for the Death Star? No! You can’t! He created that puppy in space and made people come to him! If you want to establish yourself for the long haul, buy real estate so you aren’t at the mercy of a digital landlord.

How a GREAT Marketer Befriends an Influencer (Top Rank Blog)

You know how they say the way to get attention from a pretty girl is to just treat them like any other person? Turns out Influencers are the same way. They like to talk about movies, sports, books. Turn them into a friend and BAM! You’ve just won influencer marketing.

Why Viral Videos Are Ruining Your Video Marketing Strategy (Explainify)

Viral videos are great! They’re funny, witty, and captivating. And working for one is totally ruining your video marketing strategy. If you’re content to play the viral video lottery then good luck! If you want to win consistently, Explainify has some ideas on how you can start.

10 Strategic Ways CEOs Can Take Advantage of Social Media (Inc)

Hey, CEO. Yes, you. You know that waste of time you call social media? Cultivate your presence on it and the next time you want to promote a lead magnet, squash negative publicity, or drop a knowledge bomb – it will be exponentially more effective!

6 Reasons to Invest in a Content Marketing Strategy Right Now (Entrepreneur)

We get it. Content marketing is time-consuming. It’s only for the people who have time to win the competitive landscape, see compounding returns, and like to diversify their marketing platforms. What, you’re interested now? Well, this article has 6 good reasons to invest…

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7 Explainer Videos for Science

7 Explainer Videos for Science

Producing an exceptional explainer video for your scientific subject matter doesn’t have to be difficult.


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