3 Ways to Increase Video Marketing Exposure (+ other tips!)

Phew! It is hot in Arkansas. As we start hitting the peak months of summer, it’s awfully tempting to laze our way through these hot summer days. But we’re dedicated at Explainify to working through the heat and improving our business.

So for this week’s content roundup we were all about finding simple and effective strategies to make us better leaders, employees, and an overall business. We hope that these strategies motivate you to join us in making the most of these summer months!

7 Powerful Lessons From Film That Can Teach Us How to Become a Super Manager (Entrepreneur)

Have you ever known that manager, leader, or influencer who seemed larger than life? Almost as if they were straight out of a movie? That might be because they learned everything they know from famous movie bosses!

One thing a lot of movie execs have is a mind blowing focus on doing that one thing they do. Whether they’re great at being a bloodhound, always affirming and encouraging, or just being incredibly insightful, they do what they do better than anyone else in the world – maybe even the galaxy!

We as managers are often so close to being effective – but take a cue from the movies and exaggerate your strengths even more. Who knows? You could just win an Oscar!

So you’ve probably heard about RLSA campaigns. It’s all the buzz these days. But here’s what’s not buzzing – how people are using them. Look, retargeting is great. It gets people back to your website, and that’s awesome!

But it’s not a magic wand that you wave and magically start converting people who never bought from you in the first place.

So if you’re ready to start retargeting your customers in a bit more meaningful way, check out these 5 sweet ways you can leverage campaigns to not only get people back to your site, but actually buying from you.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Video Marketing Exposure (Explainify)

Are you taking part in the video marketing phenomenon sweeping the globe? Everyone is starting to understand that incorporating video as a part of their strategy is important, and so the rise of videos getting created is rising rapidly.

Making videos isn’t enough, though. You need to know how to effectively get those videos exposure.

You friendly neighborhood sidekick Explainify has 3 tips on how you can start increasing your video marketing exposure right now – that’s today!

6 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Shares (Social Media Examiner)

If you’re like us, then you probably know all about content marketing. It might be all you hear about anymore. But if you’re like us – and we certainly hope you aren’t! – then you also may struggle to see your content get shared much. #thestrugglesisreal.

Social Media Examiner has some great tips on how to make your content get more shares. After all, your content is dynamite. So make sure it gets shared.

5 Tips To Create Effective Internal Communications With Your Team (FastCo.)

Blahblahblahblah bobloblaw blah blah. Oh, sorry. You couldn’t understand me? Hm. Isn’t that a lot like what it feels like to communicate in businesses sometimes? So many ideas, Slack messages, and e-mails are going around that it can make your head spin.

We know you’re interested in becoming more effective at what you do. So stop just sending Slack message and start sending communications. Take these 5 tips and you can start changing your business for the better today.

7 Explainer Videos for Science

7 Explainer Videos for Science

Producing an exceptional explainer video for your scientific subject matter doesn’t have to be difficult.


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