Increase Your Engagement With These Video Marketing Tips

Whether you participated in sports, musical ensembles, theater, or something else, everyone grew up practicing something. The old saying is practice makes perfect. But dig a little deeper into that and you realize that practice doesn’t make perfect – practice makes permanent. Practicing improperly is why there are those sports teams, musicians, and actors you would never bet on!

We think the same thing can be said for businesses and marketing. There’s a lot of “best practices” out there that people subscribe to, but everywhere you look you can find examples of people who have practiced poorly. Is it really a surprise that they don’t see their desired results? This week in our content roundup we dug up some great practices to help you start playing the game the right way.

Remember this: It is not enough to simply do something. You have to consistently do something right to start seeing desired results.

What Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be in 2016? (Content Marketing Institute)

Are you working on Hail Mary passes when you can’t even run the ball? Take some things off your plate and make sure your basic fundamentals are being accomplished. It’s impossible to practice something well if you don’t even know what you should be practicing consistently. Let this list save you a bit of sweat and tears and get you organized.

How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer? (Inc.)

In case you didn’t catch it in the first article, understanding your customers is paramount to taking you company from a disorganized mess to operating with the cohesion of a symphony. Who hops on a drum set and tries to land a big fill when they haven’t even practiced holding a steady beat? Unless you’re abnormally talented or lucky, that just doesn’t work. This article challenges you to get to know your consumer and gives some help on how to start that process.

Popular Video Marketing Tips That Are Just Plain Wrong (and Killing Your Engagement) (Explainify)

Explainify found 3 best practices that people are consistently implementing. Spoiler alert! Plot twist! They’re not best practices and could be stifling your brand! Read here to understand why these best practices are misunderstood and how you can take your strategies to the next level and start dominating your opponents!

You’re Too Busy? No, You’re Not. Here’s Why. (Entrepreneur)

Okay, great, you’re getting organized. You have some ideas about what your priorities should be, and you even know a few practice strategies you should be perfecting. But really, none of that does you any good if you fall into one of the biggest traps facing businesses; the trap of telling yourself that, “I’m too busy to get it all done.” Yes, I know you have things on your plate. But read this article and understand that you can make great things happen.

The 5 Fundamentals For Corporate Social Innovation (PSFK)

Watch any great sports team and you’ll notice that they have become a physical embodiment their local environment. That’s because these teams understand branding – they understood their organization’s ethos. They understand that part of being great is understanding where you’re from and how to give back to that community. Not all companies are created equal, but every company can find a way to practice social awareness in a way that benefits their business.

Do you folks have any ways you practice to make permanent in your businesses? We would love to hear about them. You can tweet at us! We would love to have a conversation about what works for everyone.

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