The Scary Side of Marketing

As marketers and businesspeople, we need to be concerned with what is going on around us. But all too often, we get sucked into our day-to-day routines and just fail to take a step back and see where things are going.

Well, today we’re (hopefully) going to give you a small dose of perspective on some trends that, if you’re not careful, can have some haunting effects on your business going into the future. Don’t worry though – if you’re on top of your game you’ll be ready to dominate like Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead.

21 Spooky Two-Sentence Marketing Stories That Will Make You Scream (Envision)

Let’s start off with something fun to get your weekend rolling! Enjoy these tasty little sentences that will make any marketer scream in terror!

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6 Scary Stats About Marketing + 7 Tips For Survival [INFOGRAPHIC] (Square2Marketing)

Speaking of terror, we pulled out of the Halloween vault one of our favorite infographics! Shoppers going 57% of their journey without speaking to a salesperson? Now. That. Is. Scary.

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The Scariest Video Marketing Trends of 2017 (and Beyond) (Explainify)

Video marketing. Ah, that buzzword you’ve been hearing over and over and over and over again. Well, here’s some stats that, if you’re not ready for them can be scary! Be forewarned, side effects of reading this article include nausea and loss of sleep.

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The Future of Email Marketing (Emailmonday)

Reading 100+ articles about predictions on email marketing is intense! Luckily, there’s this one article to rule them all. It puts a nice summary together so you know what the future of email marketing is moving towards in the next 5 years.

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3 Mini Case Studies Show How Location Data Is Moving Marketing (AdAge)

We loved this article! Not only are case studies amazing to read, but think about the implications of this kind of research with some of the above articles. What if you can trigger a video playing outside your store because someone with a phone is walking by? What if your sales team knows that someone has entered a competitor’s store?

Marketing is always evolving and in this crazy technological world, we’re only scratching the surface of the iceberg. Location data can be a game-changer for your marketing!

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Excited to see how your company avoids the marketing apocalypse and prepares for the future!