It’s almost not fair how much fun we get to have. We work with some incredible brands – who trust us to tell their story in fresh, fun new ways. Tyson Foods had an important story to tell. Since 2000, they’ve donated 100 million pounds of food through partnerships with hunger relief organizations across the US.

We are always incredibly inspired when we get a chance to work with companies that are making such a big difference in our world and even for people right down the road from all of us. So of course we said yes to making an animated marketing video that would display their amazing results and inspiring work for all of our communities.

But the folks at Tyson weren’t satisfied with a cliche, feel-good video to deliver this news. Tyson was looking for fresh ways to breathe life into their historic brand initiatives and opportunities. The result was this goofy, fun, and ultimately compelling video that helps viewers understand just how much food 100 million pounds really is.

Animated marketing video production by Explainify.

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