Top Explainer Videos of 2021

Before we say a fond farewell to 2021, the year’s top explainer videos deserve a little love and recognition. After all, Explainify delivered hundreds of high-quality videos in 2021 for brands in a variety of industries – all unique and effective in their own way.

The Explainify team reflected on these projects over the past year and with points for overall style, brand messaging, and project experience selected their Top Explainer Videos of 2021:

Evolve Vacation Rental

Besides the on-point messaging, this explainer video stands out because of it’s vivid colors, diverse characters, various perspectives, and creative transitions.

Mansfield Bank

With an overall visual of a city and its landmarks, this explainer video tells a story within a story. The recognizable buildings and landscape brings this replica city to life with a dynamic animation style.

PerkinElmer – Life Sciences

This video takes a complex subject and makes it simple to understand. The added features of multiple actions, creative transitions, and colorful, relatable characters make it a fan favorite.

Euronet – REN Foundation

Futuristic and fun, this explainer video gives the audience a unique birds-eye perspective. Add in constant movement and colorful imagery and you have a top-of-mind video.

CalerieHealth – Hydrogen

On-brand colors mixed with contrasting accents help tell a complex story that’s also creative and compelling. A perfect example of how an explainer video can both educate and promote at the same time.


Multiple layers and captivating colors take the audience through a journey of visual artistry. With detailed movements and constant transitions, this explainer video keeps the story moving in a unique way.


This top video captures viewers immediately with unique colors and creative use of characters. Besides the one-of-a-kind visuals, the story arch engages the audience with a thread that tells an impactful story.


Opening with eye-catching colors, this is a perfect on-brand explainer video. Moving icons, dynamic characters, and intriguing transitions tell the story while staying true to the brand’s look and feel.

WhiteRock Wealth Design

This is a great example of how a story is told showcasing the main characters, the problem, solution, and impact. Vibrant colors and concise messaging makes this a perfect explainer video.


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