Top 10 Animated Marketing Videos of 2015

Have you noticed that animated explainer videos have gotten good? Like, really good?

Even a quick glance through our work will give you a good idea of just how high the bar has been set. And with major brands like Tyson, GE, and McDonald’s tapping into animated explainer videos… it makes sense that the world’s best animated video production and explainer video companies have only gotten better. That includes us ;).

Of course, the most important thing about video marketing is using it to establish brand dominance, and enhance your brand storytelling via video. Quality is the intangible component of your videos’ effectiveness.

So in honor of the incredible animated explainer videos that have come out lately, we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Here are 10 animated marketing videos that are crushing it.

10. YouCaring

One of the greatest advantages of animated explainer videos is its ability to reach viewers on a deep, emotional level – and this YouCaring explainer video does this incredibly well.

9. LRS IT Solutions – Analytics

Making the complex simple is the basis of explainer videos and this video does that perfectly. By staying true to the brand’s tonality and color, this video is also a great example of how messaging and branding can come together for a great marketing experience.

8. EazyCoin

This marketing video hits you with the hard facts up front, and leaves you wondering how much longer you’ll be using actual coins to pay for a bottle of Coke. The video has a B2B explainer video focus but doesn’t settle for bland or boring.

7. What is Dropbox

Dropbox has been lord of the explainer video game since Common Craft made the landmark “What is Dropbox?”  This marketing video is a reboot of that original message, and it feels as fresh and engaging as ever.

6. Dupont Food

This is what design is all about! This video seems so simple – bold lines, simple white and grey color palette with splashes of red – but that’s what makes this video a stellar work of art. When an animator can make his work seem effortless- you know he’s a master of the craft.

5. Guitar Tricks

If you’re looking for the perfect explainer video, look no further than Guitar Tricks. This engaging video takes us through the problem, the resolution, and the solution for those seeking an easy way to learn guitar. It’s amazing how so much information is packed into a little over a minute! Plus – It concludes with a gift offer!

4. Big Presence

We love the folks over at VeracityColab for the way they push boundaries every. Damn. Day. They pioneered the “founder’s story” video by having Big Presence’s CEO provide the voiceover for this video. Truly astounding work.

3. Twitter: Flight School

Does this video really need my commentary? Everything about it says “WOW.”

2. Men’s Health: How a Bean Becomes a Fart

You know you love this video. The monochrome palette… the use of depth and angle… the way they take a concept like flatulence and turn it into a highly educational and engaging topic.

1. Onward Internet

“Onward Internet” was far and away our favorite marketing video this year. You’ve never seen anything like it. Until you watch a second time… and a third… and – well, you know how it goes.

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