3 “S”s of Storytelling: Speed, Story, Sizzle

Storytelling is the most important skill business leaders need to learn in the next five years! 

This is not one of those things they teach you in most business schools, and it’s also not something covered in a lot of content. But finding and telling the story that gives your brand meaning and helps your customers develop a sense of loyalty and affection for your company is a pivotal element of a successful business strategy.

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To accomplish this, just remember the three “s”s of storytelling: speed, story, and sizzle.

  1. Speed – In a world where Twitter and Vine set the standard for how quickly and briefly you can convey a message, speed is king. Consumers have an 8-second attention span, which is 1 second less than a goldfish. Ouch! That means you have 8 seconds to get people interested in what you have to say before they get bored and swim away. So make your pitch snappy.
  2. Story – How do you break ahead of the pack and get your potential customers to listen? You have to engage them emotionally, make them feel a connection with your brand and with your message. Do that by telling a story. As humans, we respond to story on a primal level, and we crave the meaning that they give. If you want people to take notice of what you’re doing, you must tap into the power of story.
  3. Sizzle – Perhaps you’ve figured out how to pare down your company’s message, and maybe you’ve even harnessed the power of story. But speed and story alone are not enough to really make your message take hold. You need a little something extra. You need your story to sizzle. You need to find a way to make your story interesting – innovative, exciting, and impactful. Because when your message is interesting, it’s also memorable. Remember the Old Spice guy? Of course you do, because he was interesting, funny, and ultimately left an impression on you.

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