Making an animated explainer video for your app is something that nearly every app company should take advantage of. Sometimes it is difficult for consumers to understand exactly what your app does or how it works and an animated explainer video really helps to clarify those details up for your readers. We were asked by a really amazing company called Real Agent Guard to help them to create an animated explainer video that would explain the value of their app and much much more.

Real Agent Guard asked us to help them to create a video. Real Agent Guard keeps real estate agents safe – and deters criminals. When the folks at Real Agent Guard asked us to make a video explaining their security app and platform specifically designed to keep real estate agents safe, we knew we could do something really special for them.

We fell in love with the “secret agent tech” feel to this product, and we really played it up in the explainer video. The result is a fun, sleek, and surprisingly thrilling animated explainer video. This video totally landed with a splash and we are very excited to share this with you. One of the things Explainify is known for is helping to define and explain products in a way that is simple and digestible in 60-90 seconds. That’s not much time at all! But here at Explainify we’ve mastered exactly how to do that.

If you’d like to take a look at some awesome animated explainer videos that we’ve made for other app companies.

Animated video production by Explainify.

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