OXEA Explainer Video

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What do your raincoat and boots, garden hose, shower curtain, window frames, electrical wiring, floor, roof, food cling wrap, children’s toys, car, and medical supplies – have in common? They’re all made using PVC and plasticizers.

Our friends at OXEA, a German chemical manufacturing company, asked us to make an educational video explaining the chemical makeup and everyday uses of PVC and plasticizers to the general public. They were so much fun to work with, and had a ton of great ideas for the video! This fun, colorful, and incredibly informative video is an example of what happens when an animated video production company and a client truly collaborate to tell the best story possible.

Client Happiness:

Explainify has all it takes to produce an awesome and professional explainer video. They were passionate, patient, creative and fun to work with. Most importantly, I could really rely and count on them throughout the production. Even after the production, the team still continued to support us in every way they could. We know this is the kind of partnership that we don’t find often. Most importantly, we have demonstrated the video to our global employees, customers and potential clients and the positive feedback that we received was just overwhelming. I look forward to another project with the young team in the near future!

– Jill Chen, OXEA

Animated video production by http://explainify.com