We were very excited to work with Field Agent and tell CPGs the story of how they changed the way the world collects business information. Learn more at Black Field Agent.

Explainer Video by http://explainify.com/

“Eric and his team at Explainify are really amazing when it comes to telling a story via video. Their approach reinforces my belief that they are students of our business at Field Agent and this attention to detail really delivered a great product. Highly recommend spending time with Eric.”

Rick West, Field Agent CEO


Field Agent has changed the way the world collects business information.

Comprised of business people, analysts and researchers, we are the first company to combine the power of crowdsourcing with mobile technology to deliver real time information.

Think about it…there are hundreds of millions of real shoppers around the world who already own smart devices. We developed a model where these shoppers can download our app and build their personal profiles. We call these shoppers Agents ­think of them as your global eyes and ears. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll have our Agents mobilized.

For example, lets say… You launched a new kid’s product in 2500 retail stores across the country and want to check on their displays. We can send notifications to our Agents, who are your shoppers, and begin receiving information within minutes. Amazing! You just received pictures, data, and shopper feedback in almost real time!

And, we guarantee the quality of that information. We use proprietary algorithms and a dedicated team to verify the exact time, location, and results for every job ­ so you can trust that the information is accurate.

From there, we’ll quickly comprise a detailed report and summary analysis so you can spend more time on your business.

We are Field Agent! And we’re changing the way the world collects business information. ­It’s fast, easy, and fits within your budget.

Visit us at fieldagent.net and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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