Your Marketing and Sales Teams Should Be Working Together..Here’s Why

In the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail there is a scene where King Arthur faces off against the Black Knight. Odds are, you are familiar with this scene. If you’re not, well, watch this first.

Pretty funny, huh? But what’s not funny is how much businesses can act like the knight in that video. Except that our “flesh wound” is that we don’t do a good job handing off leads between marketing and sales.

Yet, when confronted with the problem, instead of trying to regrow legs and arms – trust us, this is totally scientific.

We’ve compiled some great stats on the cost of not aligning your sales and marketing teams, and how to actually get them working in tandem so that you can kick it into high gear!

84% of sales and marketing teams are misaligned. 79% of leads never convert to sales. 80% of sales content never gets used by your salespeople. 57% of customers feel like salespeople walk into a meeting unprepared. Read those stats again. Let them sink in.

We can do better.

Luckily, Quotient has some solutions and shows how much your company could grow if you commit to fixing your gigantic sales and marketing problem. It’s time to put some good ole elbow grease into this problem and start correcting the gaps that exist between marketing and sales.

Let’s be honest, marketers. We can tend to be an overconfident bunch. In a field where we constantly test strategies and our ideas fail more than they succeed, we have to be.

But if we’re honest, it is easily to subconsciously blame the lack of revenue on the website, sales team, etc. It’s not that we dislike the sales team or want them to fail. We just get so busy with our external efforts that we fail to take an interest in the internal side of marketing – and that’s lazy marketing.

So here’s a helpful list from HubSpot that will get you and your sales team grinning as you watch cracks close from the top of the funnel to the bottom of it – and at the end of the year everyone can enjoy those bigger bonuses!

10 Tactics Marketers Can Take to Improve Their Relationship with Sales (HubSpot)

We take a break from Explainify’s regularly scheduled programming to tell you that video isn’t always the solution. Wait, what?! Did we just type those words? Weird…

Anyways, you might have been expecting us to just plug away with how video increases sales by the bushel! You do measure your business success in bushels, right? But the truth is that, sometimes, video just isn’t the answer. Sales can be one of those times.

Well, now I’m confused. We know you are, but don’t worry! We’ve taken the time to break down some stats to help you know when you should and, more importantly, when you shouldn’t use video as a critical sales weapon!

Is Video the Key to an Unforgettable Sales Letter? (Explainify)

By this point, you intrepid marketers have read dozens of articles on what the key metrics are for you team. And you bold salespeople have read just as many articles telling you what your team should measure.

Problem is – if you send each other your key data – it means nothing to the other team. So what are the key stats both teams can look at and share with each other to help determine action plans? Well, we could tell you, but Forbes already did that. So we’ll just let you read their stuff!

Just promise us that you won’t read these and then forget about them. You need to identify these numbers to help promote healthy business growth!

The 9 Best Marketing And Sales Analytics (Forbes)

So we’ve talked a bit about what marketers can do to bridge the gap between them and sales. Remember though when we said 80% of sales content never gets used? Sales team! Content is one of the quickest ways to bridge the gap toward marketing.

If you don’t have the content you need, ask for it. I guarantee your marketing team can get it done. If you have it and you’re not using it – then why not?

Get that content created to supplement your sales efforts and then implement these 3 content strategies to bring your two teams closer than ever. Ahhh. You’re practically touching now!

3 Ways Content Can Build a Bridge Between Marketing and Sales (CMI)

We hoped you enjoyed this week’s content!

As always if you’re looking for a partner that can help you create a video that will skyrocket your business, give us a shout!

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