Grab Your User At The First Click By Adding An Explainer Video

There’s a great new way to increase engagement – and it comes in the form of an explainer video.

Let’s face it – people come to your site knowing nothing about you. Guess how long you have to grab their attention?


8 seconds.


Great, your site visitors have the attention span 1 second less than that of a goldfish. (Source)
We all blaze through websites, extremely skeptical that it will be of any benefit to us. Think about it. You probably went to a site, weren’t interested and bounced off just in the past 5 minutes.
So, what’s the quickest way to make people understand what you do and get them interested enough to convert them to users? (All in less than the time it takes to get bucked off of a raging bull, mind you.) The answer is what I call “the best call to action ever”…


That’s right. A play button. In this age of YouTube, we all know what a play button is, we click them to watch things every day. So, why aren’t you telling your story with an explainer video?
According to statistics, if you can keep a user on your page for 30 seconds, then there’s a great chance they’ll stay for 2 minutes or more. Now, if they’re enthralled in a 60 second video, you’ve had someone on your site for 3 minutes longer!
You know your business/service/idea is amazing and everyone wants it. So, tell your story where others get it quickly and become as passionate as you are about it. That converts!

Here are some interesting stats that could help you improve your page.

  • Percent of visitors more likely to buy if you have a video                                  80%
  • Percent of words people read on web pages with < 111 words                     49%
  • Percent of words read on web pages with an average of 593 words           28%

So, in short… less words + a good explainer video = a website that converts visitors to buyers.

Lastly, here’s a great example of a landing page. Notice the small amount of text, video above the fold that’s at least 640×360 pixels in size, play button and clear call to action beside the video (try it now).

Stay tuned to the blog for more on best homepage explainer video practices.

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7 Explainer Videos for Science

7 Explainer Videos for Science

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