There are hundreds of animated video production companies out there, and it can be easy to forget that they are not all created equal. I want to tell you about what makes Explainify special. What sets us apart. And we believe that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to speak honestly and authentically about what you do.

So that’s my goal here. I’d like to tell you about a few of the things that make us different.

1. East-Coast Quality, Without the Vanity Price Tag

One of the most frustrating things about great video is that it’s often exponentially more expensive than it has to be, thanks to high overhead costs. So we founded Explainify with this unique vision: That we could stay a small, boutique production house by design, freeing us up to make world-class videos for our clients without the scary-big price tag.

2. Explainify Develops a Relationship with Clients

We’re not gobbling up clients left and right. We have the freedom to work with companies that we can really get passionate about. And we want to work with our clients closely. Because we’ve found that, when we collaborate with our clients every step of the way, incorporating their feedback and relying on their wisdom, we make better videos.

3. Respected as Thought Leaders in the Online Marketing Community

We’re into making friends all over the online marketing landscape. And these friends trust us to provide great guest content that will educate their customers. We’ve teamed up with Hubspot, Kissmetrics, Wistia, Volusion, Tunefruit, ReelSEO, and Unbounce – just to name a few.

4. Explainify Work Speaks for Itself!

But none of the rest of this stuff means a thing unless we make great videos. Luckily, we do that too.

5. Results-Driven Storytelling

Our clients come to us because they love our videos. They see that we’ll stop at nothing to produce explainer videos that tell great stories and look good doing it. Because they know they’re not just getting a cute video – they’re investing in a long-term video marketing strategy, one that makes conversions and boosts sales.

Interested in what Explainify does? Let’s make this happen.

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