Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples for 2021

Standing out from the crowd online is tough—and only getting more challenging. It takes a lot to not only stand out online but to be a trendsetting leader while also grabbing people’s attention.

In recent years, the internet has seen video consumption skyrocket, and that trend is set to continue. In the United States alone, 85% of internet users consumed video content every month (via Oberlo).

So, video content is a massive part of people’s everyday lives, as well as marketing and corporate strategy. Corporate video production is vital to not only ensuring your business is part of the conversation, but leading it. The way to lead that conversation is with a corporate video that knocks it out of the park.

In this article, we’re going to look at five examples of some great corporate videos and pull out what you can learn from them, as well as explain what we can do here at Explainify to help you produce an incredible corporate video.

Before we get into some examples, let’s explore the question of what exactly makes up a corporate video.

What is a Corporate Video?

The term “corporate video” might feel a bit loose and nebulous, but a corporate video is a video that not only introduces your brand, service, or company to people, but can also be a video that keeps your brand, service, or company, in the conversation when people think of certain things.

For example: When people are thinking of using a VPN for their internet browsing, one corporate video can introduce your service to people, and a different corporate video can also explain what it is that sets your VPN service apart, and keep your company top of mind when people in your pipeline are looking for the best VPN service they can find.

You could even do both in one corporate video, as a VPN mostly explains itself, so you don’t need to add much context about your company so much as you need to sell it to people who are already in the know.

Another example would be a household name like Nike. Nike is ubiquitous at this point, with many, many people, but that didn’t happen overnight. They had to introduce people to their corporate identity—their ethos, aesthetic, and “vibe.” Then they had to introduce people to their products, explain their products, demonstrate them, hype up new products, etc.

So let’s look at some examples of great corporate video production, and we’ll break down what makes these videos stand out from the rest.

Great Corporate Videos: What Makes Them So Effective



What makes this corporate video from Airbnb so great and so effective is that its branding is so, so strong.

Brand videos are one of the staples of corporate video production, and a great brand video can go a long way in helping set your business apart from others.

The branding in this video stands out in multiple ways: firstly, AirBnB ties everything together with strong, dynamic, and easy-to-follow visuals and anchors everything with a single visual image: the Bélo logo. It imbues that logo with a story, and very smartly, the story is also about the brand as well as the people who use the service. They bring about a sense of community and make the people watching the video not just passive viewers, but active participants in AirBnB’s story. Engagement is key in winning over your viewers!

What also makes this video so unique is that it features no narration, which is a bold choice that could have backfired. Since the video is so interesting to look at, and it’s accompanied by relaxing music, you’re drawn in, and you pay attention to the words on the screen.

All in all, this brand video from AirBnB does an incredible job of not only telling a story but engaging its audience and spelling out clearly (and subtly) what it is that AirBnB provides as a service for customers.

We have a guide for brand storytelling that can help you narrow down what to highlight about your brand that makes it so great and convert that into a fantastic brand video script, too.


This is a great example of an explainer video that helps explain briefly and clearly what a company, service, or product does.

Explainer videos often aren’t so much for showcasing your company as a whole, but more so an aspect of it: a product, a service, a use-case. What makes explainer videos so effective, especially this one, is that it helps distill what can often be a hard-to-grasp concept and makes it easier to understand.

According to HubSpot, it is an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. That’s a bit abstract, but the company doesn’t need to explain itself. What’s more important is defining artificial intelligence and how it helps HubSpot’s customers see the results they want. It’s more effective for them to explain artificial intelligence than to sell themselves, as this great explainer video will, in turn, get people to remember it was HubSpot that helped them learn about AI.

This explainer video smartly uses real-world examples, and pop-culture references like “Marvin the Paranoid Android” from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to help root us in a sense of reality and get away from abstracts; it helps us understand a complex idea in layman’s terms.

This video is also visually interesting, which is key to a good explainer video, and it uses everyday language that’s easy to understand.

The key to a good explainer video is taking complex ideas and making them relatable to everyday people who may not be in a particular field, or unfamiliar with your product, service, or the ideas you’re trying to explain to them.

Luckily we have two handy guides “How to write an animated explianer video” and “The explainer video script that converts” to help you unlock the full potential of explainer videos with great scripts—the backbone of any good explainer video.


This video from the Valve Corporation is an excellent example of a product video.

The Valve Corporation is arguably the biggest name in video games as the owner of Steam, the most popular storefront for games on PCs, and also as a game developer and innovator in pushing the industry forward with new technology. The HTC Vive is just such a product: a fantastic piece of tech that brought Virtual Reality into people’s homes in incredible ways.

For VR, seeing is believing, but the Valve Corporation did an amazing job with this trailer. It entices people and shows off what Vive can do, making people want to try out their product. Very smartly, they use a green screen to simulate people getting immersed in incredible worlds when they put on the Vive headset. They also show the product as an abstract thing and a tangible headset and controller. You can’t help but be wowed by what an incredible piece of technology this is.


This is another example of a great corporate video. What makes it so is that it highlights the features and benefits of using Final while also establishing the problems with other credit cards.

It also does so with a dry sense of humor, which establishes a unique voice. This is important in corporate video production—a strong voice goes a long way! 


How to Make Corporate Videos Work for You

Corporate video production can be intimidating and time-consuming, especially if you’re tackling it for the first time, and you’re doing it alone.

The thing is, though: you’re not alone!

Not only do we have this handy guide on corporate video production and script-writing for corporate videos, but our team of award-winning experts can help answer any questions you have. Want a turnkey solution? We can take on the bulk of the work for you and create an amazing suite of corporate videos that your team will love.

All you need to do is get in touch with us, and you can be well on your way to creating the next great suite of corporate videos that will grab attention and help you knock your business goals out of the park! 

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