Explainify Young Creatives Competition Winner: Skanda Ravindra

As part of Explainify’s 10-Year Anniversary, we’re spotlighting up-and-coming artists throughout the year in our Young Creatives Competition. The competition is open to creatives between the ages of 12 and 30, with monthly winners’ artwork showcased across Explainify’s website and social media platforms. Entrants can create their art from any medium, but must include the Explainify logo and/or Explainify’s “play-button’ icon within the artwork itself.

February’s winner is 13-year old Skanda Ravindra from India, a young artist who has been obsessed with art and drawing since he was able to hold a pencil.

“The interest in art came naturally to me from the age of 3-years old,” says Skanda. “I was always inclined to grab a pencil and some paper and just draw. From then on, I was never really interested in anything else.”

Skanda created his winning piece using a mixture of oil pastels, markers, pens, and colored pencils. Upon learning about the competition on social media, Skanda immediately went to work on his inspired submission – finishing it in under four hours.

“As soon as I saw the Explainify logo, I was reminded of the impressionist paintings I’ve seen in the past,” says Skanda. “I thought the painting of Vincent van Gogh smoking a pipe could be an inspiration, but instead of the pipe it would be Explainify!”

Who looks at the Explainfy logo and thinks of van Gogh? Skandra says it’s part of how his creative mind works.

“I want to keep improving and experimenting, just like this idea of a man holding an Explainify logo instead of a pipe,” adds Skanda. “I hope people see me as an artist who is able to take completely different things and mash them up together.”

Besides Art, Skanda’s other favorite subjects in school are Social Science and English. Skanda hopes to someday work in the creative field with a focus on Visual Arts, or perhaps even in Business. A few of Skanda’s other goals include staying healthy, maintaining a good social life, and staying close to his parents.

“I’m definitely going to college and hope to work in the creative field some day – I just don’t know if it will be in the art or business side,” says Skanda. “When it comes to college, Visual Arts is what I’m aiming for, but I’ve always had a keen interest in the day-to-day business affairs and how that all works.” We have a feeling Skanda can find a way to do both!

Along with showcasing his winning submission on explainify.com and Explainify’s social media channels, Skanda was awarded with a $50 gift card and an automatic entry to the year-end Grand Final, where he could win $500 and an Apple Watch.

If you’re a young creative or know of one, the Explainify Young Creatives Competition is waiting to spotlight your art. Learn more about the competition and submit your work.


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