Explainify Explainer Video Increases Conversion Rate by 23%

The explainer video is a short video that businesses use to introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they help solve their customer’s problems. It’s a quick, memorable way to make an impact on your audience and help provide the viewer with the important information they need to make a decision. This is vital to your site’s conversion. And it was vital for our client CaseComplete. See their Case Study below!

Case Study

For most, requirements management is a foreign concept. But for those who are building systems and projects, the headache of requirements management is part of daily life. And there were no good solutions… until now. Enter CaseComplete!

All of CaseComplete’s leads come from their website and inbound marketing. Each month they see thousands of unique visitors and hundreds of leads. Understanding the power behind an online explainer video, their President reached out to Explainify to see if their story could be told in a simpler way. He briefed, “We have a nice product in a category with many competitors and alternatives, each with slightly different scope and approach. It’s not easy to evaluate the tool quickly, so we need a video to help show what’s unique and good about our offering.”

Our team jumped on board and quickly started the story awakening process. We discovered the best way to identify with their customer was to remind them of the current headache – managing requirements with 3 different softwares at the same time is a major pain. We developed the story around this point.

CaseComplete told us they thought their landing page was pretty well optimized, but they wanted to run some experiments to see if they could boost conversion by at least 5%. When they received their video, they removed their screenshot and placed the video prominently on the homepage running Google Experiments. They used Wistia to embed it with a well-chosen thumbnail and video player styling that complements their brand.

2 weeks after the explainer video was implemented, CaseComplete has realized a 23% increase in conversion rate.

If you’re looking to boost the conversion rate on your homepage like CaseComplete, an explainer video is a great way to go. Let’s talk about your story and see how Explainify can help you. Click here.

Client happiness

“Explainify has been great to work with – from our first interaction to the delivery of the finished video.”

“They outlined a clear plan to produce a video that would resonate with our audience. They worked closely with us to refine the message and style. And they take deadlines seriously – hitting every milestone on time and keeping us up to date on their progress along the way. Really impeccable.”

“In the end, the quality of their work was fantastic. I’d work with them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

Matt Terski, CEO

Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

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