Animated Marketing Video – Demandbase Sales Accelerator

When sales and marketing aren’t aligned, your company suffers. We actually have a post about this and if you want to check it out, you can click right here. But we got a chance to work with a company that helps to align marketing and sales for an animated explainer video.

Here are some great stats that we’ve compiled that talk more about the effect that not aligning your sales and marketing goals has on your business. Take a look here:

84% of sales and marketing teams are misaligned. 79% of leads never convert to sales80% of sales content never gets used by your salespeople. 57% of customers feel like salespeople walk into a meeting unprepared. Read those stats again. How crazy are those stats?

Thankfully, Sales Accelerator from Demandbase helps align marketing and sales.

We can’t turn down the chance to work with companies who are creating innovative business solutions, so when Demandbase came to us requesting an animated explainer video for their sales/marketing alignment tool, we were intrigued. Using a combination of live software screens and conceptual animation, we created a Demandbase explainer video that shows off Sales Accelerator – and looks good doing it. Animated marketing video production by Explainify.

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