Definitive Marketing Guides Just For You

What do you mean we don’t know everything?!

Okay, okay. So maybe you make some good points. No matter how much we pride ourselves on being experts at Explainify, we’re always finding new content that helps guide our business forward.

As much as we try to give back in terms of writing our own content to help businesses, we get way more back from some absolutely brilliant content & marketing guides that other people publish. We could never have achieved some of the success we have without these wonderful marketing resources guiding us.

So we’re dedicating this week’s content roundup to great marketing guides!

Whether you’re looking for a Virgil to guide you through your own Divine Comedy powerful analytics, a Gandalf to navigate an exciting Middle Earth on page SEO strategy, or you want something more like a Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy video marketing – we’ve got their marketing equivalents ready for you. Your journey awaits.

Let’s start here on your journey. You could run the most best or worst marketing campaigns and if you don’t understand why it doesn’t matter. Your successes aren’t repeatable. Your failures aren’t avoidable. That’s the power of good analytics.

One powerful thing you can do is set good Goals in Google Analytics. This will allow you to see which channels are most engaged and push you towards allocating resources towards your best efforts!

Sound awesome? That’s because it is.

The Definitive Guide to Google Analytics Goals (Online Metrics)

With Google always trying to make their algorithm perfect for putting the most relevant content in front of people, it’s important to know how to optimize web pages for SEO. Are title tags and keywords still the best strategy? Or is an engaging piece of content that helps people on their consumer journey all that matters?

This sweet infographic breaks down some huge data to help you understand how to optimize.

Full disclosure: we actually disagree with how much they downplay the importance of keywords in your title tags, URLs, etc. We still included it though because it does a powerful job of proving that keywords don’t matter if you didn’t write anything worthwhile!

So stop writing for Google’s search algorithm and start writing for, you know, real people.

The Definitive Guide to On Page SEO for 2016 [Infographic] (Get Clicks)


If you’re on our blog, you no doubt have heard how important video marketing is. No need to beat a dead horse.

Instead, we wanted to share the most comprehensive video marketing guide in existence. This bad boy is your how-to on everything from how much video should cost to what the creation process looks like to how you actually implement it into your marketing funnel.

You really need to read this because just creating cheap or poorly branded videos isn’t the answer. The answer is learning how to take amazing videos and drive business with them!

The Definitive Guide to Video Marketing Like a Champion (Explainify)

Email is under attack! Inboxes are being bombarded by everyone, everyone’s grandmother, and everyone’s grandmother’s dog.

Frankly, it’s tiring and exhausting to try and keep up with all the emails we get every day. And even worse is that it’s exhausting being a marketer trying to compete for your consumer’s attention via email.

But email is so. so. important.

And you’ve got more engaging content than everyone’s grandmother’s dog does. So how do you get people to sit up and care? Read this article to find out how you can email effectively in 2016.

The Definitive Guide to Successful Email Marketing (Hiver)

Raise your hands if you frequently think to yourself, “I can only get so many things done in a day.” Thanks everybody for raising your hands! You can put them down now.

We all feel this. That constant grind between what should be getting done vs. what can get done can drive a guy or girl nuts sometimes! Between family, job, entertainment, and sleep, you just can’t get do it all.

But you’re forgetting someone. One critical teammate who never struggles to get to everything you ask them to.

Team, meet Mr. Automation. After reading this, take some time and think about all those things you do every day, every week, or every month. You could automate those and save hours – maybe even days to devote towards other projects!

Let marketing automation go to work for you and you can sleep with a lighter burden at night.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation (Quick Sprout)


We hoped you enjoyed this week’s content! As always if you’re looking for a partner that can help you meet your business goals, give us a shout!

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