Customer Acquisition Strategies & How to Boost Your Sales

Here we are… maybe you’re not quite seeing the growth you were hoping for to start off the year. But it’s still early! Did Rocky Balboa ever give up when he got in a tough fight?

That’s one big fat no.

He got back up and took a beating for 8 more rounds before doing something. Oh… you don’t want to take 8 rounds of beatings? I guess that makes sense. So to help you fast track your start to the year, I’ve dedicated a content roundup to all things customer acquisition.

Dig into some fun content that gives you ideas, resources, and some channel tactics to try out! I’ll see you when you’re done salivating at all this awesome knowledge.

I’ll be honest, this is article isn’t breathtaking. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. So what makes it remarkable? The fact that so many companies still don’t do these things!

My challenge to you is read this and not just nod along. Take a second after you read and just think about your company. Do you really do this well?

How Marketers Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (Forbes)

CaseComplete converts 23% more leads with video, tell me how!

Building email lists is all the rage these days, and that is fantastic! People are rolling out lead magnets, putting subscriptions on their blog posts, and all sorts of wonderful email collection points.

And then one day you realize you have no idea who the 5,000 emails in your list are. What jobs do they have? Are they even your target market? Are they actually engaged? How many unsubscribed? How… you get the point.

Time to start cleaning that email list and using it to be your most powerful customer acquisition point. After all, it is the one marketing channel you have the most power over.

6 insanely effective tactics to engage email subscribers (#5 is a must-do) ActiveCampaign)

Growing that book of business can be hard for B2B companies. I get that – we’re in the daily struggle to keep the leads flowing in. But don’t you sometimes feel like finding new qualified leads is just too hard?

That’s probably because in this day and age of flashy tactics and softwares – we make it harder than it needs to be. So here are some classic winners to make sure you’re utilizing effective strategies in your gameplan.

3 Proven B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win 2017 (and Beyond) With! (Explainify)

Sometimes you have the strategies in place, you just don’t have the resources and tools to make things happen. If that’s you, then this is your article.

Once these sweet options spark your creative juices, you’ll be well on your way to finding the things you need to take strategies from a dream into a reality for your business.

Customer Acquisition: 15 Resources You Need to Reach, Convert, and Keep Your Customers (Mention)

Okay, okay. I’ve talked about “customer acquisition” like it is really easy and everyone knows what it is. But that might not be the case. What does this look like when done well?

Instead of wasting my breath and probably ending up on a tangent about how much I hope Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl… whoops! Just read the article already – they stay on topic way better than I do.

13 Winning Customer Acquisition Examples (Referral SaaSquatch)

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to see you unleash your Rocky Balboa. After all, this is your fight. So go out and take it.

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

Small business video content can be intimidating, though, especially if you’re just starting out. There are so many different kinds of small business video content, and they all have different purposes. That means it can feel overwhelming to start from zero and expect to get to a hundred.

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