Content Roundup – The Outsourcing Edition

Let’s have real talk for a second. Everyone would love to be a Google, right?! Ample funds, tons of employees, and and amazing work facilities – what’s not to love?

But not every company gets to be that. Our economy – on a fundamental level – relies on small to mid-sized companies – just like yours! – to fulfill those consumer needs that giant corporations literally are too big to notice.

That’s right, your company is a fantastic and people need it! But being small has drawbacks, namely the inability to field a team that can do all the work you would love to do. Cash flow is a cruel mistress. How you find ways to continue growing in spite of that is something every company struggles through.

One of the ways we’ve found the most success is by surrounding ourselves with competent contractors, sometimes even bringing them on full-time as our workload grows. It’s perfect!

How can you use contractors, you ask? Great question! Instead of me talking about it, let’s outsource the answer to some amazing content that already exists. Explainify Content Round up – 2017 Marketing Predictions

“Content marketing is awesome, and we’re going to own our industry by doing it!” — Everyone Ever.

But then you start realizing that you have to write content people engage with well for it to rank highly. And then you find that Google likes upwards of 15+ pieces of content in certain industries to be considered a “fresh” content company.

Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

What? This is madness! No. This. Is. Content! But really, it’s mostly madness. So to solve your problems read this and consider how outsourcing content might help you achieve those goals you set for yourself when you started a blog.

To Outsource or to Not Outsource – Now That is a Question (Duct Tape Marketing)

Penguin 4.0. Panda 2.0. Meta tags. Alt Text. Omaha. Omaha. Hike!

Seriously, were we talking about SEO? Or was I hiking a football? It is hard to know. So many acronyms, algorithm updates, and more make it hard to make your site the most efficient version possible.

But there are experts out there who spend every day on just this thing. And sometimes, it pays to bring them on in a temp or recurring strategy role to make your SEO dreams a reality.

7 Reasons Why Outsourcing SEO is a Good Idea for a Small Business (PPC)

This is the article for the economic gurus in the audience.

What? You expect me to always have something witty to say? I didn’t understand any of this, but it sounds smart – so read it already!

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Hiring In-House vs. Outsourced Marketing Agency (Trending Upstrategy)

Explainer video production company? DIY? What’s the right answer?

Video is all anyone talks about these days. Oh, huh. Just us? Okay, it’s all we think about these days anyways. But that’s because video is the most effective form of content whether as an explainer video, Facebook ads, or just building brand equity with Facebook Live Q&As.

But it can be expensive. So when do you bring in the big talent? When do you bootstrap with a camera and do it yourself? We’ve broken it all down for you!

Explainer Video Production Company, Freelancer, or In-House? You Decide. (Explainify)

Working with an agency isn’t a relationship to be taken lightly. The agency needs to care and understand why you’re important to the market you’re in.

Use these 10 questions to put them in the spotlight. If they can answer them specifically and concisely, you’re probably starting down a good road with a great partner!

10 Questions That Will Put Marketing Agencies In The Hot Seat (Smart Insights)

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now. We hope that this helps you rethink some of those things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the employees or money to make happen. By outsourcing, you can often find creative solutions that let you keep building – while keeping your liabilities low.

That’s a win-win for everyone!

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How to Create High-Converting B2B Software Marketing Videos

How to Create High-Converting B2B Software Marketing Videos

Over the years, marketers have witnessed the rise of video. Today, 95% of marketers who used video last year plan to continue doing so in 2020, and will invest more in the medium. They’ll be joined by a further 59% of marketers who hadn’t used video before. This means that the B2B software market, like many others out there, is only going to get more competitive. Brands will ramp-up their digital footprints using video to strengthen their messaging, nurture leads, and influence buyers, and so should you. In this blog post, I’ll share an easy-to-follow four-part framework for creating high-converting B2B software marketing videos. We’ll dig deep and explore your audience and the importance of the buyer’s journey in the context of video marketing. We’ll also look at how to ensure that your message is as powerful as possible. Lastly, I’ll show you a simple three-step process creating effective videos and offer tips to accelerate your results.