Content Roundup – Build Your Dream Sales Team!

It’s almost 2017. That’s a crazy thought. How did your year go for you? Better than expected? About where you hoped? Maybe you had a bit of rough year (thanks, election cycle year!).

But you’re still here. You’re still in the ring standing. That’s more than some of your competitors can say. So now you know you’re a fighter, but how are you going to become a champion, a contender next year?

One big way to do that is to make your sales team into the dream team they were always meant to be! To help facilitate that, we’ve compiled some ways you might start transforming them into the next Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Karl Malone of sales.

So what are you waiting for? Get reading because some of these ideas are things you can start brainstorming and pushing into your team’s culture today!

With the amount of information and options available to people these days, people are skeptical of grand claims and emotional pleas. That doesn’t mean you need to stop telling people you’re awesome – because you are – or tapping into emotional desires of your consumers.

What it does mean is that at some point in your sales process, you have to prove what you’ve said. Otherwise, you just leave people wanting more, and that is most definitely not a good thing. These 6 persuasive tips can help you turn that emotionally distraught customer into a content customer. Now that’s powerful.

Hint: If you think that the fact case studies are listed in here is boring, we challenge you to figure out how many case studies you have and if they meet your customer’s needs.

Prove It! 6 Persuasive Techniques for Making the Sale (Copybogger)

So above we listed some of the obvious ways you can persuade your buyers with content. But there are some not-so-obvious ways that you can transform your sales team into content savants.

Equipping your sales team as content experts can pay huge dividends and provide that extra boost to hit and surpass those ambitious sales goals you’re stretching for! Read more for some ways to make this a reality.

5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close Deals (CMI)

The above article mentioned a really key fact – buying teams are huge these days! You could end up selling to not 1 person – but 7. That’s a daunting proposition.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t need to slow down your sales processes and goals. These 3 helpful tips can keep you on track to selling to any number of people, and by the time you get good at it you’ll realize that working with teams makes the end results a more robust and beneficial thing for both your company and theirs.

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Close More Deals with Buying Groups (Explainify)

One of the tips above is to learn how to win someone on the buying team to your side. To do this, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. What does that look like? Well, one fantastic place to do this is on social media by providing amazing sales support. Here’s 7 tips on how you can take your social presence from just a content posting outlet to a sales generating machine!

7 Tips for Improving Online Sales Using Social Media (Social Media Examiner)

Odds are, if you’re like our sales team used to be or like many sales teams are, you end up guessing a lot of things. Or going with your gut. Or picking the idea that most people support.

Stop it!

The best way to move forward as a sales team is to be extremely analytical as a unit. Sure, you want to personalize and not treat people as numbers. But there’s still economies of scale to consider here and you can leverage these 4 methods to make your sales team into a confident decision-making unit.

4 Ways Analytics Provide New Sales Insights (Salesforce)

So now you know! As you end the year strong and enter into 2017, what will you do to make your sales team, process, and interactions more robust, more precise, and more powerful? We look forward to finding out!

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