Content Roundup – Build Emotional Connection

This week we’re talking a lot about storytelling. 92% of consumers demand that you tell stories because it taps into their emotional pathways in the brain and creates more persuasive arguments.

Now we want to offer a disclaimer here. Pretty much any of these tactics can be manipulated to “con” people into buying from you. You might even make quite a bit of money off of it… for a bit.

But we do not endorse using these as manipulative tactics. These are tools to help you build bridges. When you do that, you may not make a quick dollar, but you will start to create long-term, sustainable customer relationships. We think that’s way cooler – and in the long run, you’ll make more money!

So now that we’ve said that, what are these tools? Scroll on down and find out, you silly goose!

Sure, maybe you know all the tactics for engaging people. But do you know why they work? You should, because knowing why is the difference between just copying tactics, and crafting tailored campaigns perfectly suited for your audience. So listen while you get some work done and start understanding why.

[Podcast] Understanding the Brain Science Behind Effective Persuasion (Copyblogger)

So people react to stories because those stories evoke emotions, right? But what exactly is the science behind emotion? Well, there’s 4 key elements to emotional engagement, and they all work together. Once you understand how design, color, images, and branding play nicely with one another, you’ll be able to harness them to create meaningful connections between you and consumers.

The Art and Science of Emotional Engagement (CMI)

Most the time, you’re in control of your brand and its perception. But sometimes, things gets away from you and you start getting bad press. That’s okay – you’re human (at least, we hope you are!) When that happens, how do you control the damage? These 3 tips can keep a small stumble from becoming a runaway train straight to disaster town.

3 Ways to Beat Bad PR with Better Brand Storytelling (Explainify)

Now that you’ve learned all these cool scientific tips on storytelling, where do you start telling your story? Well, there’s no right answer for every company. But social is a go-to location for building thriving communities for a reason. If you want to get started with that, try 1 or 7 of these tactics!

7 Ways Brands Connect With Social Media Messaging (Duct Tape Marketing)

In our digital world, it’s important to remember that there is a real world going on with real problems. When those occur, we have extraordinary opportunities to do amazing things on a local and personal level. Yeah, it’s great we can schedule social posts, automate email workflows, and so much more. But look up from your computer, go find a window, and look outside. That world you see needs empathy – how could your brand provide it?

Local Empathy: The New Tool in Your Brand’s Emergency Kit (SEO Moz)

Now get out there and build bridges. If you build them right, people will naturally want to walk across to see what you’re about. And that’s the beginning of making sales look easy without sacrificing your integrity.

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

Small business video content can be intimidating, though, especially if you’re just starting out. There are so many different kinds of small business video content, and they all have different purposes. That means it can feel overwhelming to start from zero and expect to get to a hundred.

Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples for 2021

Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples for 2021

In this article, we’re going to look at five examples of some great corporate videos and pull out what you can learn from them, as well as explain what we can do here at Explainify to help you produce an incredible corporate video.


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