Today, we’re honoring those companies looking to build something great. We know it’s a struggle to make your dreams come true, but with some humility and perseverance, you can certainly do it!

One thing we’ve seen a lot is that too often when things don’t roll our way – we have some typical reactions as leaders, marketers, and businesspeople: What’s wrong with the industry? What was wrong with the ads? Did someone screw up inventory? Why was King George so terrible?

You get the picture. We ask a lot of important questions – but sometimes we forget to be honest and ask ourselves the toughest, most important question:

What am I doing wrong that keeps my customers from caring about my product or service?

If you’re willing to face the truth, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can re-evaluate your messaging and promote it in a way that your customers will actually care about.

If You Can’t Get Sales and Marketing to Scale, It’s Not Them—It’s You (InfusionSoft)

Sometimes to scale a business, you have to go dump out a bunch of tea into Boston Harbor first. Well, not really. But here’s my fresh perspective as a CEO who has had to struggle with brand positioning, growing a team, and leveraging limited resources to attain victory. Read these 3 explosive steps that anyone can duplicate and turn into actionable business plans.

3 Ways to Use Live Video for Small Businesses (Social Media Examiner)

Okay, so now you see that when in the course of business, sometimes it becomes necessary to re-evaluate your brand to reach more people. But where do you meet those people at and build a community? Well, social media is a great place to start! Social Media Examiner has 3 tips that will blow up your social media profiles and grab attention like a sparkler at midnight!

A Match Made in Heaven: How to Use Video Marketing in Your Email Campaigns (Explainify)

Can we agree that George Washington and America are a match made in Heaven? Ole George led us through the Revolutionary War and became our first President – even though he initially turned down the office! Well, we think video is the George Washington of marketing. Whether you like it or not, it’s the king – did we say king? We totally meant President! – of marketing and can lead your marketing efforts to victory!

Why video needs to be part of your paid advertising strategy (Marketing Land)

You may have something incredible to sell – but do you convince people that you do? How are you going to sway people to your product or service? There’s a million things out there discussing how to optimize copy, images, etc. But have you seen what video is doing for marketing efforts? Why aren’t you including that in your paid campaigns? Here’s a great read on why you must use video in your paid advertising campaigns. It’s okay, you can thank us later.

Learn From Struggling Brands: Insights From the Marketing Trenches (Content Marketing Institute)

Everybody goes through their Valley Forge moments. It’s cold, your resources are shriveled up, and you just wonder if the struggle is worth it anymore. But don’t you give up, you revolutionary! We’ve got some lessons from other Valley Forges. Learn from your compatriots who have been in the trenches before. Now go plant your content marketing flag boldly to help rally your cause and become the nation – company, we definitely meant company – you know you can be!

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