Collective Bias Explainer Video

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Collective Bias is a content marketing company that weaves organic social content into real-life stories to create millions of impressions, drive organic SEO and ultimately boost sales for brands and retailers like Starbucks, Nestle, Elmer’s and Walgreens.


Collective Bias’ Social Fabric® community, made up of over 1,200 social influencers with a reach of over 40MM, produces more meaningful media than any other traditional vehicle to date. For more information visit collectivebias.com.

Client Happiness:

For three years, we’ve ironically struggled to tell our story succinctly and effectively. Our elevator pitches turned into hour-long presentations that resulted in people saying, “I kind of get it now” instead of “a-ha! I get it!”

We were getting caught up in the process and details of what we do on a daily basis rather than taking a step back and focusing on the important parts of our story. Explainify was able to help us take that step back and successfully tell our story in a more effective way. Now with our new Explainify video we’re able to send it or show it to prospects and they get it right away and are intrigued to know more.

The entire process from conception, storyboarding to animation was such a breeze and the final product is perfect! We are already using the video with prospective clients and can’t wait to get started on another video with the team.

– Collective Bias