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Missed watching the Emmys this week? There’s a few key things you should probably be able to talk about over the water cooler (people do have water coolers still, right?):

  • Jimmy Kimmel was super hit or miss on the jokes. Just not as funny as most hosts.
  • Game of Thrones is amazing, but why do we have to wait to watch next season? Winter is coming, people. Winter. Is. Coming.
  • There was some amazing marketing efforts that got Emmys this year!

What? You missed the marketing section of the Emmys. I thought everyone saw that – well, no matter. We actually thought we would recap them here.

So we’ll be your host on what we consider to be the 1st inaugural Marketing Emmys hosted by Explainify. Enjoy seeing who got what Emmys and we’ll see you at the afterparty!

Okay, sometimes the host is funny. Sometimes he just needs to step out of the way so you can enjoy yourselves. Find some inspiration from these brands winning hearts on social media! And the Emmy for the best comedy on a social channel goes to…

Funny Tweets & Social Media Examples From 17 Real Brands (HubSpot)

Good companies have employees who do great work. But the great companies are one who also get their website and softwares to do work converting customers for them. They’re the 24/7 employees who never go home.

Here, check out some amazing automated email campaigns – and some examples of companies that have mastered them! And the Emmy for a best automated production value goes to…

7 Automated Email Campaigns That Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back (Shopify)


Video is the most engaging blah blah bob lob law. You’ve heard it all before. We’re not going to bore you with how powerful video is. Instead, let’s look at some people who deserve Emmys for the videos they produced to build connections to their audiences.

We’ve got categories from documentaries to comedies to dramas in here, folks – enjoy! And the best Emmy for video production goes to…

Yep, These 11 Masterpieces Belong in the Explainer Video Hall of Fame (Explainify)

We take a break from all the digital talk to remember there is a real world. With real people. And you can interact with them in… you guessed it – real life!

One of our favorite things is to read the amazing guerilla marketing tactics people use to delight their customers. You can tell your spouse you love them, or you can surprise them with a gift when you come home from work.

Both have their place, but I bet you can guess which one really leaves a lasting memory. And the Emmy for best marketing promotions goes to…

35 Incredibly Creative Guerilla Marketing Ideas By People Who Deserve A Raise (CYA)

There’s content marketing. Then there’s content marketing done right. These brands weren’t content to just push out content for small SEO boosts. Instead, they’ve used new ways to be loveable, relevant, and engaging along many different stages of a customer’s journey.

Here’s to you brands – you deserve an Emmy for most original content! And the Emmy for best screenplay goes to…

38+ Examples of Brands Doing Great Content (CMI)

Thanks for reading! Now get out there and produce some great marketing. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up winning something during our 2nd inaugural Emmys next year!

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Explainify Young Creatives Competition Winner: Skanda Ravindra

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