Are NFTs Changing the Way We Create Animated Explainer Videos?

We know NFTs are the wave of the future. Blockchain technology platforms and crypto currencies are redefining many industries from DeFi and FinTech to social communications and creative industries. That leaves us with the question – Are the hype videos that accompany them changing the way we create and view explainer videos?

As Explainify enters into our 10-year anniversary, the one thing we’ve learned is that in order for our work to stay relevant it needs to evolve with the times – and so do we!

When Explainify came on the scene in 2012, explainer videos were mostly used as alternatives to live action video advertising shown in theatres and on network TV. Today, rather than an alternative, explainer videos are a necessity in all marketing strategies. In fact, the more we look around, the easier it is to realize that animation is timeless, ageless, and works for all demographics.

Once again, Explainify stands at the forefront of this evolution through the recent partnership with Society of the Hourglass – the next generation of NFT creators and collectors. Take a look…

The Society of the Hourglass project was headed by Explainify VP James Maltby, who led the creative team, as well as wrote and designed the storyboards. As a celebrated creative himself, James worked with our talented creative team to bring the passion of this project to life.

“It’s interesting to work on a project like this, because it forces us to think outside of the norm,” says James. “It’s dangerous to stick to a set formula without having the courage to do something different and innovative. Since NFTs are at the cutting edge between technology and creativity, they are marketing a mix of social media, like Twitter and creative communication platforms like Discord.

“A straightforward advert won’t work in this marketplace, they need a short sharp slap of a video that displays what the work looks like and piques the interest of potential investors. The key here was to find a way of putting the brand and the artwork first, and to hint at the concept too. The backstory of the Society of the Hourglass is a group of time traveling characters who visit many places, from the Ice Age to a future Mars base. As such, we had no choice but to create an inventive video that reflects the significance of the brand while reaching its core audience.”

The color scheme and animation style reflects the company’s branding, easily recognized by their audience. The point of the video was to give a window into the world created behind the 8,888 unique pieces of artwork that will be created after minting begins. It’s a teaser into this world with the art being the hero. Each minted NFT will be included in further accompanying illustrated books and animations.

“If we’re going to step out of the box on animations like this, we still need to be true to the brand’s components and attributes, and I think we accomplished that perfectly here,” adds James. “The Society of the Hourglass needed the best and they trusted our team to bring their story to life for millions of people.”

Society of the Hourglass premiered their Explainify video primarily on Twitter. Immediately after, the video caught the attention of their followers.

Screen shot of Twitter conversation

Now, more than ever innovative companies are turning to explainer videos to hype their products and services. NFT’s might be the latest and greatest thing to hit the virtual market, but they won’t be the last. Explainer videos need to be right there with them – amplifying their brands and capturing their audiences.

How can you take your innovative brand to the next level? Listen to what James has to say – “Be creative. Be daring. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. If you have a product that’s fresh and new – be that as well. Take that creativity beyond your product and bring it into your advertising and marketing. We can help with that!”

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