7 Reasons Explainify Is The Perfect Video Marketing Partner

You’re considering video marketing for your brand.

So, you do a quick Google search for “explainer video” or “animated video production companies,” and then it hits you.

There are hundreds of video production houses out there. Since I started Explainify three years ago, these companies have come out of the woodwork. And the thing is? A lot of them are doing great work.

Which makes it pretty hard to choose who you should work with.

I’m not going to use this opportunity to tell you why you shouldn’t work with other companies – although there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t settle for a budget video! Instead, I want to tell you what makes Explainify unique, and why you should consider partnering with us to make your video marketing efforts incredible.

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Naturally, production quality is critical to a winning video. Great visuals, powerful (or fun!) music, and the right voice all matter… but they’re not what matters most.

What matters most is an unforgettable story. To really get your audience to pay attention to your video, you have to start with a strong foundation. A concept that fits your brand in a unique way, and a strong script that makes your unique value so compelling that people can’t help but take action.

That’s why, before we ever sit down to animate, we do a deep dive into your brand, devouring any assets you’re willing to share and asking tons of questions at kickoff. Whether your business centers around a simple consumer product, or a hyper-complex enterprise service, we want you to feel confident that we understand you, your brand, and your business objectives.


“I’d really love to be just like everyone else,” said no one. Ever.

You know those companies who make everything by hand, built to order? That’s how we approach video marketing. Like a hand-brewed cup of coffee or a custom-tailored suit, each Explainify video is one of a kind. Every script, storyboard, and style concept is created with you in mind, from the ground up.

It’s hard work. But it’s totally worth it. You can learn more about our process here.

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With experience comes wisdom, and with that wisdom comes greater effectiveness. We’re entering our fifth year as a company, and in that time we’ve produced hundreds of videos. We’re constantly refining our storytelling expertise, pushing the boundaries of animation, and finding new ways to make clients happy. Plus, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands out there, like GE and Tyson, and have delivered on budget and on time – every time.
CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!


You don’t want to be just another client, and you damn sure don’t want an “account executive.” You want Client Heroes – the kind of people who buy into your brand, believe in your mission, and will move heaven and earth to make sure you’re happy.

We don’t make videos for clients. We partner with clients to bring their stories to life. That difference may seem subtle, but it’s huge! It means we want you to be closely, passionately involved in the creative process, and working alongside us to make something really special. Sure, we’re video marketing experts, but you’re an expert in your own field – which means your wisdom and our wisdom combined will lead to spectacular creative work.


At the end of the day, the video we make has your name on it. It’s like an animated, simplified, stylized version of your brand. You have to be proud of it, which means we want to be proud of it too! We’re not afraid to push back on you if we think the quality of your video is on the line, but we’re also prepared to work nights and weekends to get it right. That’s why we choose to work with clients we can believe, who challenge us, and who will work with us to create videos that we’re all willing to stand behind. The upshot? You benefit from our commitment to craftsmanship – and our addiction to perfection.


We believe that our videos are beautiful works of art. They’re elegant, colorful, exciting, and sometimes highly conceptual. But if they don’t help you increase conversions, boost sales, and help you achieve your marketing objectives?

They’re just wasting space. And a waste of your money.

We’ve seen our videos succeed on tons of levels. There was the Serlio video, which led to a 23% increase in conversions. Or the Tyson Foods video, that drove tons of social engagement. Or videos like Collective Bias, which shortened the company’s sales cycle, saving them time and aiding growth in ways that aren’t as easy to measure.

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A video is great, but the real question is – What are you doing with it?


We decided early on that we didn’t want to go the route of a traditional agency, taking on tons of clients and building a humongous team. Instead, we decided to stay boutique by design – taking on just a handful of projects at a time so that we can give you the best of our passion, our attention, and our care.

Each project gets its own dedicated Client Hero, but everyone in the office – from our sales staff, to our art team, to the CEO himself (yours truly) – cares about our clients and will get involved at some point to make sure we’re on mission and doing our best work.

As a bonus, we’re super flexible – so we can handle just about any timeline.
There are a lot of great animated video production companies out there, but if you’re looking for a relationally-driven, metrics-oriented partner who wants to see you succeed? Explainify might be the video marketing partner you’re looking for.
CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

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