So no fancy stories or over-the-top wit from us. Instead, let’s get into 5 of the best articles we found this week and what they can mean for our business – and hopefully for yours as well!

A marketer has 6-8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. That’s like trying to deal with Dory from Finding Nemo. Matter of fact, I’m probably losing you right… about… now. Some of you just swam off on me.

We have to be quick to get our customer’s attention.

Now, a lot of us realize this with our marketing collateral. We go for flashy headlines, killer deals, etc. But how do we think about our website when it comes to fast? If you’ve got 7 seconds to convert a customer and they spend 2 seconds waiting for a page to load, that’s time you’re losing to sway them. Figure out how to boost site speed and boost conversions.

How to Make Speed a Core Part of Your Traffic and Conversion Strategy (Search Engine Marketing)

Quick, what’s the biggest objection your customers have to buying your product or service? If you thought that it was your pricing, you’re most likely wrong. Godin reminds us that the race to the bottom is a losing race for everyone, and most customers don’t even want to be associated with the ‘cheap’ option.

Cheap is almost never the best path for your company.

We get that marketers have to meet budgets and show return on investment. But if your answer as a marketer is to always pick the cheap option, whether that means running the cheap promotion or investing in cheap marketing tools, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

In pursuit of cheap (Seth Godin)


If you read our blog, you probably know of the mythical video marketing we speak of. While we totally love that people want to bootstrap and make their own cheap videos, we also know the space is quickly filling up. You don’t have time to waste figuring it out anymore.

So how are your videos going to stand out and stay relevant?

This is where having a trusted video marketing partner is the key. Whether you work with Explainify or DemoDuck or a live-production video agency, you need someone who is aligned with your business objectives and can get you videos that have lasting power and relevancy.

No Time for Mistakes: Why You Need a Video Marketing Partner You Can Trust (Explainify)

You’re heading into Q4 and wondering how to get the most out of your marketing juice. We’re right there with you. One of the biggest things to do is optimize the existing funnel to get the most out of the traffic and leads you already have.

Optimizing landing pages is a big part of that, and we’re testing out a lot of things. It’s a lot more complex work than you would think, partly because there’s a lot of misconceptions about testing and about ‘best practices’.

One particular issue we run into is when we believe something is true without validation. Go ahead and think back on your day. How many statements have you said or heard that – no matter how convincing they were – were just really gut feelings?

What we think we know vs. what is actually true can cost businesses a lot of money.

9 Conversion Rate Optimization Misconceptions (and How They’re Costing You Money) (Kissmetrics)

Social channels are obviously a great way to reach out to your consumer base and influence them as an expert and build trust. But there’s a lot of base assumptions that we make every single day that kill our social strategies.

One critical oversight in a social strategy can outweigh many good strategy elements.

For example, when I said social channels you perhaps thought of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn. But what if your audience is on Quora? Reddit? Snapchat? Do you know where they even would be looking for you? If that’s a question you can’t answer, then odds are you’re making a few other crucial mistakes – read here to get started fixing some of them!

4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Social Media (StartupNation)

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