4 Tips for Marketing Success Using Video During the 2020 Holidays

This holiday season is indeed going to look a little different than years past. With the continuation of COVID-19, many stores will be changing the way that their customers shop, which means that adjustments will need to be made to their marketing. For instance, Target is extending their Black Friday deals to span an entire week, and are bringing most deals to their online site as well, something that had previously not been done.

One of the most effective ways to market during this unusual period is to harness the potential of video. Videos have a wide range of use and can be tailored to many different situations. For this reason, many of today’s most innovative companies are adopting video into their marketing strategies. For example, Monday.com has recently launched some great examples of video marketing, focused on how their product can benefit their team or company-based customers, while also successfully capturing a unique brand voice.

Here are four of the top ways video marketing can be used this holiday season.

Create Training Videos to Improve the Remote Hiring Process

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for most retailers, and regardless of if shopping is done in-store or online, they still will need all the help they can get. Many companies will begin to hire more employees, and both permanent and temporary employees need to be trained. Creating videos in order to remotely train employees, before they even get to a physical location, can help reduce the time spent training on-site and keep everyone safe.

Create videos to emphasize the importance of some key aspects of your company. One of the most talked-about issues for many companies is computer security. With the massive expected increase in online sales, data security is especially something all employers should be focusing on. In your training video, go over the frequently encountered risks, such as phishing attempts, password security, and other common security threats. Be sure to also include detail around the tactics your company uses to combat these risks. For example, many companies provide secure network selections for their employees to ensure all information is kept private.

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Use Videos to Better Explain a Product

Videos are a great way to help potential customers understand your offerings better than pictures or words. Especially as many people are likely to shop online this year, a video is a great substitute to seeing the product in person or asking a salesperson questions. KURU Footwear has a great explainer video to give customers a more in-depth look at their product. Make sure to follow along with their amazing line on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

This is especially important for certain products that may be newer and customers will have had less experience with them or for items that typically require hands-on examination before purchase.

Videos allow you to better see a product in a full 360° view, or even explain a more conceptual product in a way that’s easy to understand. According to RetailDive, “87% of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels, up from 71% last year.” This goes to show that ensuring customers have the most information possible is crucial to making purchasing decisions, and utilizing an explainer video is a great way to support and inform their decision-making process.

Support the Increase in Online Shopping

Due to the circumstances of this year, many people will be shopping online considerably more than in physical stores. A report from eMarketer states that “US consumers will spend $190.47 billion this year on holiday ecommerce purchases, up 35.8%.” This more than makes up for the expected decline in brick-and-mortar sales, but ecommerce sales need to be supported effectively. Many people who typically shop in-store may be making the transition to online shopping, and would greatly benefit from guidance or assistance.

Creating videos to help customers along the sales funnel will be crucial, as in-person aid will not be available to provide that service. Help customers along the way with helpful information, introduction to the brand as a whole, and help aid in the sales process in general. With people who are newer to online shopping, introducing aspects such as the online cart and payment process will help prepare them and allow them to better take advantage of all the site has to offer.

Use Videos to Help Connect with Customers

In a day and age where close and frequent contact with customers is not as accessible, using videos to help adjust to the “new normal” can be greatly beneficial. Many people are turning to sites like Twitch or Youtube, however, these platforms generally appeal to a younger audience. Connecting with people through videos can help you maintain a relationship while still abiding by social distancing, through a medium that can be accessed from anywhere.

For people who may be experiencing your brand for the first time, videos can help them better understand your company, and begin to build that connection in a way that is comparable to an in-person interaction. Explainify has some great examples of Brand Explainer videos to help you envision how you can create your own. Many people are looking for entertainment and personal connection during this time, and videos are a perfect middle ground to help build your brand while keeping everyone safe.

Video marketing, while not necessarily a new concept, has a great deal of potential that companies may be underutilizing. It combines several engaging aspects of marketing, and also allows people to explore the information at their leisure. Moving forward into the 2020 holiday season, it will play a large role in how businesses advertise and help aid in marketing, both in-person and online. Taking the time to explore the many options available through the power of video can help you be better prepared for the holidays, and ensure you are taking advantage of your holiday marketing tactics to the fullest extent.

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