Gone in 60 Seconds: 4 Must-Use Tips for an Explainer Video That Converts

When it comes to making an explainer video that actually gets results, timing is everything. Up front, you have less than 10 seconds to get your viewers attention – and from there you only have a minute to drive your message home.

That’s 60 seconds (around 150 words) to convey your brand’s value so well that viewers not only keep watching – but also take action.

High stakes, no?

There’s no doubt that an explainer video can go a long way toward improving conversions. But not all explainer videos are created equal. And if yours lacks a few crucial elements – you may be out of luck.

The good news: We’ve compiled our top four production musts to ensure your video content converts… and looks good doing it.

Top Quality Production Value

Would you give your next big sales presentation on a transparency projector? What about your website? Still rocking that late 90’s JavaScript?

Probably not. In marketing, it’s all about enhancing and protecting your brand image. Videos are no exception (even though so many marketers seem think so). Watching videos is the primary use of the internet nowadays, and with so much content competing for your audience’s attention – you have to stand out.

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The good news is that, with so many new videos being produced, it’s never been easier.

Here are a few key elements of explainer video production value:

  • Excellent Visuals: Explainers are usually animated and should be pleasing to the eye (Think Disney animation now vs. Nickelodeon in the early years). And yes, there is a difference in animated video quality. Cheap, simplistic, and cartoony visuals from that $1,500-dollar production company are not going to communicate that you’re a professional who deserves to be taken seriously.
  • Excellent Voiceover: Audio equipment has come a long way in the past decade. Professional voice overs are more readily available and can make your business stand out. Great VO artists have incredible studio equipment, but they also have the ability to read your script with the right feeling and emphasis.
  • Excellent Music: Music sets the tone you want. Your overall sound quality is every bit as important as the visuals. At Explainify, we love Tunefruit for their thousands of cinema-quality sounds.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is better than two doubles.” –Steve Jobs

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Phenomenal Copy Storytelling

Since you only have about 150 words to work with, you’ll need to bring your A-game. Chances are, coming up with a 60-second script will actually take you more time than writing a long, in-depth blog post. The reason it’s so difficult to find your voice in a short video is in partly due to brevity, but it could be due to your lack of focus.

Sure, you may know what you want to get across (e.g. how your new product works, laying out a new initiative, and so on) to your audience.

But the question is – how do you make them want to know about it?

The Short Answer: Find out the one thing you want to convey in your explainer and forget everything else. Then, focus on compelling copywriting in the form of a story (just a really short one). Instead of trying to squeeze in all your features and product specs, focus on the one thing that makes your offering or service incredible, then create a video script that shows the viewer how that one thing can help them be better.

We can go on and on about the intricacies of telling a story. In fact, we did. Check out our guest post for Mirasee by clicking the link below.

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Prove It

Now that you have told a story that portrays a way for viewers to become heroes, it’s time to put your animation where your mouth is. Give them data or proof showing the benefits that your solution brings.

Combining the power of a short explainer video with the added juice of social proof gives you one heck of a one-two punch. Here are a few ways to pony up:

  • Case Study: Referencing the success of your clients adds credibility to the power of your video.
  • Demo: Show your audience how easy it is to put your solution to use with a few powerful seconds of demonstration.
  • Social Proof: Show who you’ve worked with (it’s okay to name-drop here), include quick blurbs from your best testimonials, mention some big wins. Whatever you do, make it clear that your brand is a real catch!

It’s important not to get caught up in cramming your explainer video full of social proof. Remember, your audience is the hero of this story, so you don’t want to make it all about you. However, once they know you’re in their corner, viewers will be happy to know that there even more reasons to trust you.

A Targeted and Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

You can have an Oscar-worthy video that doesn’t convert if there isn’t a CTA. You can also have that same great explainer with a poorly constructed call that doesn’t convert very well. But why would you let that happen? Once you’ve conveyed your value through an incredible video, it’s time to get what you want.

Here are a few ways to do it:

Take Away Risk. Offering a trial or no commitment with your offer will set viewers minds at ease, paving the way for a click.

Make It Plain. Clearly convey what you want them to do. Whether it’s share, comment, or click, make it extremely easy and obvious.

Reiterate. Since it’s what you really want, it may be worth one more mention to encourage them to take action.

By the way, we make videos like this for a living. Check out some of our work here and let us know if you want to talk more about your next explainer video.

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